Mary Queen of the Scots: A Play in Three Acts by Laurel A. Rockefeller

The life and loves of Queen Mary Stuart come alive for the stage

Mary queen of the scots: a play in three acts

The tragic story of Queen Mary Stuart comes to the stage in this compelling period drama focusing on her life, loves, and reign. Perfect for community theatre and educational settings. Includes timeline and bibliography. Run time: 60-80 minutes.

Genre: HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain

Secondary Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: period drama, stage drama, play, Mary Queen of Scots, murder, community theatre, Scotland

Word Count: 11610

Sales info:

As a play, formatting is VERY VERY PICKY on this book.  Translations MUST be formatted EXACTLY the same as the English.  If we sign a contract, you MUST include ALL FRONT MATTER in your first ten pages -- every line of the title page with the addition of your "translated by _____" line.  The website and email address must be there in addition to the title and subtitle.  The headers and subheaders must also be kept in your translation in addition to the standard stage formatting in front of you.  


A theatre background of some sort (acting, directing, costuming, major/minor) is extremely helpful if not essential to success on this project.

Sample text:

1561 July. Louvre Palace, Paris. Queen Mary’s private apartment.  MARY SCOTLAND sits at her desk downstage as she pens a poem. MARY SETON busies herself upstage tidying the apartment. SISTER MARY stands downstage right near the audience.

‘En mon triste et doux chant. D'un ton fort lamentable, je jette un oeil trenchant de perte incomparable, et en soupirs cuisants passe mes meilleurs ans.’ My dearest love!  How will I ever live without you?  François!  François!  Why did you leave me?  How could you be so cruel, sweetheart?  First ma mère dies and now you so soon after!  Oh Mary mother of God!  Please, please, I beg you!  Help me! I am too young to be a widow!

(rushing to her)
Ma reine!  I swear it will be alright!  You are loved here in Paris!

 Paris!  Can it be my home any longer?


It would be if not for your mother in law.



Oui, c’est ça. I do not begrudge King Charles his crown; I did not bear François a son, there was no time!  But Queen Catherine de Medici; she is wrong to hate me just because her husband loved me!  Are all mothers in law so cruel to their son’s wives?



Not that I have seen. But then again, we are all so young!  Do you ever wonder if our mothers were right to send us to France as little girls?



King Henri the Second loved me, Mary, of that I am certain.  I grew up with François knowing that when we were old enough we were going to marry.  François loved me dearly and I loved him!  No, Marie, I have no regrets. 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by M. D.
Author review:
Melissa's translation was accurate as far as I can tell. However, she completely cleared the book's formatting which, why somewhat forgivable on a regular book, renders it unpublishable for a stage drama. As a result, I am unable to publish this book to paperback without investing over 40 hours of my own time to reset each stage direction, each line of dialogue, and so forth back to the industry standard formatting of the original English language version.

I am giving Melissa half a star to her credit for her willingness to fix some of her errors which, in turn, allowed me to publish the much more forgiving digital edition.
Already translated. Translated by Laura Lucardini
Author review:
Excellent work by Ms. Lucardini. Formatting was flawless. She researched all the technical terms needed for a successful stage drama with beautiful results. WELL DONE!

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