Make Money Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing a Blog Website by Sarah Goldberg

Running a blog is hard work. Why not make your blog work for you?

Make money blogging: the ultimate guide to monetizing a blog website

<h3>Have a blog? Doesn't it suck to put your heart and soul into your blog only to make NO MONEY from it? Wouldn't it be nice even to make enough to cover hosting costs and maybe a little more on the side? Don't worry, you can, but only if you read this book and start NOW. </h3>

<b><i>Attention readers: I've updated my book with brand new content and some great resources--be sure to check it out for more great tips and ideas!</i></b>

<i>These proven, established, legitimate techniques can be easily implemented and within a month, you can earn enough to cover your hosting expenses and domain name for a year!</i>

<b>Who can benefit from this book and who should read it</b>

- People with established blogs familiar with platforms like Wordpress
- People looking to earn a little extra cash from their blog without an enormous time commitment

<b>Who shouldn't read this this book</b>

- Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme: These methods work but take some effort on the front end to get started and they take time and patience
- People with a newly established blog with no readers (This book will help you with ideas for future monetization strategies, however, so you may find it useful)

<b>What you'll learn in this book:</b>

- How to utilize Google AdSense to generate completely passive income
- How affiliate links and product reviews can provide value to your readers <i>and</i> passive income for you
- How guest posting benefits your blog with SEO and how it can put cash in your wallet
- How information products including online courses can boost your income
- And more, including a list of the best monetization programs currently available AND recommendations for great online courses taught by successful bloggers--that's who you want to be right???

<b><u>Need another reason to buy this book? Here's a fantastic one: I feel that children's literacy is extremely important, and as such, I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected children's literacy non-profit in America.</u></b>

<b>Running a blog is hard work. Why not make your blog work for you? Buy this book and start monetizing your blog <i>today!</i></b>


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