Long Distance Relationships: How you can make them work by Vanessa M. Lopez

short book on "long distance relationships"

Long distance relationships: how you can make them work

Are you in a long distance relationship? Find out how you can make it work!

Advanced communication capabilities have given us the power to choose where we can have jobs, but sometimes it just so happens that the one you love can not likewise be transplanted from his or her current station.
Should that automatically mean the end of your relationship? Of course not.

Distance is not only a spatial quantity but also an emotional one, too. You and your lover might be far from each other and have the nearest hearts. It might seem like a cliché, indeed; countless movies and romance fictions have made it so, but true love can withstand all things.

If you are in the same situation and you know that you and your partner can make it work though you have no idea how, then this little book is for you. It is for the brave, the committed, the one who knows the difference between something that needs work, and something that needs to end.

Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage

Language: English


Word Count: 3,500

Sample text:

There are two kinds of distant relationships: emotional and spatial. The former is when the relationship hasn’t been cared for enough and the couple is starting to lose interest, even love. This is hard to cure, and can be the result of a spatially distant relationship that hasn’t been maintained properly.

However, emotionally-distant relationships is not the focus of this book. Instead, we will talk about the other kind, the spatially distant relationship. It is what you call the situation where the couple lives hundreds of miles away from each other and can only have occasional reunions. This kind of relationship is hard, but not impossible, to maintain.

You might be on the verge of getting into such a relationship if you’re not in one already, whatever it is, you have to learn the pros and the cons, and decide for yourself if you want to continue or not.

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