Legacy, The Satellite Trilogy Part III by Lee Davidson

Grant Bradley is proving to be a natural leader, but will he ever learn when to let go of the past and look toward the future?

Legacy, the satellite trilogy part iii

Since his death, Grant has reluctantly accepted his new surroundings and excelled at his work. In Elite, inner strength and instinct propelled Grant to lead an empathy-driven crusade, defying the powers that be. Now Grant’s future is unclear, his present is uncomfortable, and his past is more than he believes it to be. With willful blind spots regarding his situation and his potential, will Grant ever figure out how to choose his battles or why he should listen to those who care about him?

Legacy, the anticipated final installment in The Satellite Trilogy, magically blends the past and the present to resolve the fate of one strong-willed guardian angel.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: angels, teen, paranormal, young adult, fantasy

Word Count: 93,000

Sales info:

The three novels available in The Satellite Trilogy, Satellite, Elite, and Legacy, have been performing extremely well. Satellite was named Missouri's 2019 Young Adult Book of the Year by the Indie Author Project and has seen a nice bump in sales after recevieing the award. All three books have garnered many favorable reviews and blog posts. Bloggers from all over the United States, as well as Canada, Australia and India have highly rated and reviewed Satellite. Feel free to visit my website: www.leedavidson.net and click on blog reviews for a sample of such posts. Smashwords now carries and distributes the english version of the ebooks and after just three weeks, there have been over a hundred downloads of Satellite. Amazon has 40+ reviews, 30 of which rate Satellite as 5 stars, the highest review possible through Amazon.

Night Owl Teen says, "Not only was the storyline thought provoking and full of adventure. It was simply something new and beautiful.”

Chennai Focus says, "Different characters woven perfectly into an exciting and thrilling paranormal story line with a subject that has not been dealt with much before, Life After Death, makes this book a must read for fantasy lovers.”

NRC Books says, "The characters are done well. I had a really hard time putting this book down once I started it."

Sample text:




Jonathan Clement looks up from his desk at the sound of the squealing cart. “Good morning, Beaman.”

“Morning. Today's shaping up to be another busy one.” Beaman scans the lofty stacks of books on Jonathan’s desk. The pop of his knuckles is concealed by the crackling fire. “That's probably a good thing, now that the Elites have become Legacies.”


Beaman stretches his arms before shifting his attention to the purpose of his visit. Having done this hundreds of times before, transferring the books from Jonathan's sturdy mahogany desk to his rolling cart takes less than two minutes, even though the middle stack is well above five feet tall.

When Beaman's finished, he rubs his hands together like he's removing dirt from them and bends close to Jonathan. “There’ve been rumors circulating about a rebellion of sorts brewing.” He lowers his voice to a whisper. “People are saying Grant Bradley wants to go up against the Schedulers.”

Jonathan's focus stays on the open book as his feather pen waves through the air with each written word.

“Are the rumors true?” Beaman, asks when Jonathan doesn't reply.

The feather pen stops dancing and stills completely when placed in the black ink bottle. Jonathan entwines his fingers while his eyes move along the books lining the walls of the ceiling-less, octagonal room. “I do not comment on rumors, friend.” After offering Beaman an amiable smile, he says, “I'll see you tomorrow.”

Beaman nods in acceptance of the not-so-subtle cue to exit and pushes his cart out the door.

When the squealing wheels can no longer be heard, Jonathan whispers, “Time will tell,” to the empty room.

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Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
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5 stars! I highly recommend Nelson for your translation project. He is fast and communicates well throughout the translation process.

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