Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged by Lori Schafer

Three close friends get too close for comfort in Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged

Just the three of us: an erotic romantic comedy for the commitment-challenged

Meet Kathy, a thirty-seven-year-old drifter who’s constantly on the move: to new towns, new jobs, and new relationships. Imagine her surprise when she’s befriended by lifelong friends Sam and Ted, attractive young men who, though ten years her junior, are far more settled than she thinks she’ll ever be. Cheer them on as their three-way friendship succumbs to passion, then passion to romance, and romance to… well, surely it couldn’t be love. Could it?

With plenty of heat, dialogue that will make you laugh out loud, and a plot to tickle your most sentimental of spots, Just the Three of Us promises an entertaining read for fans of romance looking for a unique take on love and sexuality.

NOTE: Although this is the first book in a three-book series, it is a standalone novel with NO CLIFFHANGER ending.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 72,000

Sales info:

Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged is the first (standalone) novel in a three book series. It's been very well received by readers and currently has a 4.4 review average on Amazon and 4.55 on Goodreads. In the two months since its release, I have sold 180 copies and had 70 KU borrows.

The novel has a fair amount of visibility on Amazon already - it appears in the first few pages of results under searches like "humorous erotica" and "funny erotic romance," is the first result under "erotic romantic comedy," and, I have been pleased to see, also shows up on several of Amazon's dropdown searches, such as "just the three of us by lori schafer." I have a Kindle Countdown deal and concurrent paid advertisements scheduled for the second week of August, which should further increase the book's visibility, and I am also in the process of setting up two blog tours for the month of September. I expect the release of the second book in the series on August 10th to generate further boosts in sales as well as additional promotional opportunities.

I expect translated versions of this book to do well. It's funny, sweet, and sexy, and it's in a popular genre. I have considerable social reach, including nearly 17,000 Twitter followers; however, I have found that social media promotion is not as effective as direct advertising for works in this genre and will continue to focus my efforts on the latter.

With front and back matter, the novel runs 72,000 words. Although it is too early in the series' history to predict how ultimately successful it will be, I believe that there will be a distinct advantage to publishing translations early on, as it will undoubtedly benefit as other books in the series are released.

Sample text:

They both jerked away from me, and I rolled onto my backside and watched as polo shirts and boxers went flying across the room like kites snapping in a spring breeze.

“Eight,” I breathed, but they were already done. They rolled sideways against me where I lay flat on my back and then snuggled up close to each side of me, their cheeks pink with excitement. I sensed the weight of their bodies pushing against me from my chest to my legs; felt the sweat forming where their skin was pressed against mine. And into each of my hips poked something hard but soft; deliciously promising and hopelessly decadent, and I gulped, uncertain whether to savor the sensation or run away from it.

Maybe I, too, had the tiniest of doubts about this.

And then Sam said softly, “Well, that’s not fair. One of us is still dressed. What do you think we ought to do about that, Ted?”

He hesitated, stroking his fuzzy chin as if in thought.

“Spanking,” he answered finally, abruptly rolling me over and threatening my behind with his fist.

“Hey!” I cried, feeling his hands hard on my ass.

“Get the zipper, Sam!” he yelled, and Sam leapt across me and straddled my butt like a rodeo cowboy while he worked my dress with fumbling fingers.

“You got it?” Ted whispered after a minute. I could still feel tugging across the middle of my back.

“Yeah, yeah, only… See how it’s stuck here? I don’t want to wreck it.”

“Ooh, right,” Ted answered. “Here, let me hold it here…”

At last it broke free and there was a sudden silence. My backside was bared to the ceiling and I turned sideways but I couldn’t see them. What were they doing back there?

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Translation in progress. Translated by Nidia Manuela Silva Rocha

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