JULIA JONES - The Teenage Years - Book 6: RELENTLESS by Katrina Kahler

This story is filled with even more drama and suspense as Julia attempts to cope with the challenges in her path.

Julia jones - the teenage years - book 6: relentless

This story is filled with even more drama and suspense as Julia attempts to cope with the challenges in her path. Not only was she betrayed by her best friend, Millie but her chance to rekindle her relationship with Blake seems doomed. 

Thankfully, she has the distraction of a new job trial as well as an overnight stay at Emmie's house to look forward to. However, an unexpected confrontation leads to further turmoil and distress when Julia discovers a new form of bullying has taken place. Who could be responsible and why?

This fabulous book for teens will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing the conclusion. It’s a great story that all fans of the Julia Jones series are sure to enjoy.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Bullying

Language: English

Keywords: books for girls 12 to 15, books for teenage girls, bullying romance, Julia Jones, Julia Jones The Teenage Years, girls books, bullies

Word Count: 25748

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Sample text:

Pools of guilt swirled in my stomach. It was a vortex that wouldn’t stop spinning. As Blake’s eyes locked questioningly on mine, his expression hurt more than anything. “Blake...” I stammered. But that was only the word I managed to say before his face clouded over and he abruptly turned away. I gasped and jumped to my feet, quickly running after him. “Blake, wait, please let me explain.” My words mirrored Millie’s from just a few moments earlier. Please let me explain... Explain what, exactly? That Millie had hit upon the truth? That I was still in love with Ky? That Blake was simply a distraction, someone to help me get over the love of my life? They were all questions that even I couldn’t answer.But the hurt and rejection on Blake’s face were too much to bear. I knew he meant something to me, much more than what Millie had implied, and I needed to let him know that.

I grabbed hold of his arm. “Blake, wait...what Millie just said...it isn’t true!”

“Isn’t it?” he asked, his brow creasing into an even deeper frown.

“No, it’s not!” I stared at him, willing him to believe me. “Ky and I are over now. Everyone knows that.”

“But what about you, Julia? Have you moved on? Or am I just someone to help you get over him like Millie said?” I hesitated for a split second before replying. And that pause was all it took.

“I guess she’s right!” Pulling his arm from my grip, he turned away, and all I could do was watch his retreating figure disappear over the grassy knoll.

A lump caught in my throat, and I struggled to breathe.

Run after him! Go! Run...before it’s too late. A shrill voice inside my head screamed the words.


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