Joyce of Westerfloyce - The Story of the Tiny Little Girl with the Tiny Little Voice by Matthew W. Grant

A Perfect Little Girl with a Perfect Little Secret...

Joyce of westerfloyce - the story of the tiny little girl with the tiny little voice



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What would you do if everyone thought you were perfect, but you had a terrible secret? That's just the beginning of the adventure in Joyce of Westerfloyce, The Story of the Tiny Little Girl with the Tiny Little Voice.

Children and adults alike will be instantly engaged by the delightful text which tells the humorous tale of Joyce, a flawless little girl whose seemingly perfect existence is about to be shattered by the terrible secret she keeps - she has the biggest, loudest, and most explosive burp in the whole world!

How the truth comes out and the resulting consequences propel the story forward and secure a spot for Joyce as a heroine that children will love and remember for years to come as Joyce is forced to confront the same dilemma that faces all children at one time or another. Will people still like her once they know the real Joyce?

The story appeals to both male and female readers. Girls love the fact that the story features a female heroine right from the beginning. As soon as boys find out that the heroine has an amazing burping ability, they are equally enthralled.


This a text only electronic version of a children's picture book. There are no illustrations in this version.

Although Joyce of Westerfloyce can be read just for the pure fun of the story, this version also includes a section with suggestions for parents and teachers for using the ebook edition. This section contains discussion questions, reading comprehension questions, and a vocabulary list to assist adults in helping young readers get the most out of the text. There are also ideas to make the reading experience interactive.

The extra material is ideal for classroom settings, library settings, or as a resource for home schooling situations as well as for grandparents, babysitters, or parents who like to discuss stories in depth with children after reading them.


Language: English


Word Count: 4,800

Sample text:

Once upon a time
In a village called Westerfloyce
There lived a tiny little girl
With a tiny little voice

She had a dainty blue dress
Which she wore by choice
She was always quite happy
So she earned the name of Joyce

Her skin was so soft
Her disposition calm and fair
Pretty pink ribbons
Adorned her long, golden hair

They assumed she had
Not a single vice
Made entirely of sugar
Sweetness and spice

But little did they know
About the secret she kept
Sometimes at night
She sat up and wept

Suggestions for Parents and Teachers for Enjoying the Ebook Edition

There's an old story which has been attributed to various sources over the years which dates back to the introduction of television.  Upon being asked which he liked best, radio or television, a little kid responded, "I prefer radio.  The pictures are better."

It's something to think about when reflecting on the fact that kids watch too much television these days.  Since TV encompasses both hearing and sight, watching TV becomes a passive experience, unless the show provides for some kind of interactive content that encourages young viewers to think about what is being presented on the screen and become involved in the program.  Unfortunately, there are no more fictional radio shows that they can listen to which would allow them to use their imaginations to create the pictures in their minds.

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