Yvonne Overheul (translator)

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Translator Italian/English into Dutch

Languages, countries and cultures are subjects that have interested me since I was a young girl growing up in the Netherlands. I believe it's important to be able to communicate with people in their own language. My work in other countries has had a major influence on the development of my interests, and deepened my love of languages, which is reflected in my translation work.

In 1997, I obtained a master's degree in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and after having lived and worked for several years in Italy, in 2003, I began my career as a full-time translator in Dutch, English and Italian, based in Rome.

In the beginning, I gained as much experience as possible from a wide variety of subjects. I have since developed my capabilities and now specialise in my favourite areas of art, culture, travel and enogastronomy – and I am in my element when working with children’s books.

Native language: Dutch
Translates from: English, Italian
Translates into: Dutch

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