Intercepted by Love - A Football Romance - Part 2 by Rachelle Ayala

Andie gets a job offer in Hollywood. She arrives and the limo driver takes her to Cade's mansion.

Intercepted by love - a football romance - part 2

Research librarian Andie Wales is devastated to learn that the man she fell in love with is a professional athlete who plays on and off the field. When Cade’s past mistakes catch up with him, Andie urges him to go back to California to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Andie’s father’s medical bills are mounting, and she needs to take on a second job. A lucrative offer to do research for a scriptwriter lands in her inbox.

Andie flies to Los Angeles to take up the job and finds Cade at the airport. Andie needs to send every penny she makes home to her family, so she agrees to stay at Cade’s to save money, as long as he promises their relationship is friends only.

Can she negotiate a benefits package that’ll keep her heart intact? Just when she thinks she's got everything under control, her past slams her with a shocking surprise.

Cliffhanger. Cade and Andie's love story continues in Part 3.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: friends to lover, football sports athlete, second chance, librarian research nerd girl, hollywood movie scriptwriting, dogs pets, other woman, groupie

Word Count: 37000

Sales info:

Intercepted by Love is a 6-part serial that is sexy, contemporary, and fun. The six books have made me the most money of all my romances combined, and it is very popular with steamy romance readers. Audiobooks are also available.

Sample text:

“Stop it, stop.” Andie Wales swatted at the wet sponge mopping her face. Her back was freezing, and a hubbub of voices murmured above her. Where the heck was she?

She cracked her eyes open right into a big pink tongue. Her dog, Gollie, panted puffs of steam in her face.

Strong hands lifted her from the snowy ground, and a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts floored her. She’d just had the best weekend of her life, thought she’d found her one true love, and now?

“You fainted, Andie. Let me help you up.” The voice belonged to Cade Preston, or rather, Cade Prescott. The man she’d carved her heart out for was an imposter.

Someone stuck a microphone in her face. “As Cade Prescott’s girlfriend, did you know he’d gotten another woman pregnant?”

“Stay away from her.” Cade yanked Andie to her feet, his protective arms shielding her. “We’ve no comment. This is a private matter.”

Pregnant? Andie squinted into the wintry sun and spotted the woman wearing furs—more like, dead animal skins. Tall, decked out like a model at a photo shoot, she snagged Cade’s jacket.

“This would have been a private matter had you not pulled your disappearing act. Maybe you should clue in little Miss Snow Bunny here.” The witch darted a sneer at Andie.

Immediately, half a dozen mics blossomed in front of Andie, and reporters shouted questions at her.

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Already translated. Translated by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
Already translated. Translated by Helén Hedlund
Author review:
Thank you for another wonderful experience. Helen did everything ahead of schedule and also kept in touch with me through the process.

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