Impact: Earth by Brandon Q. Morris

Hard Science Fiction

When an asteroid attacks Earth

Impact: earth

2312: In the first-ever terraforming program, millions of drones are repairing the home of humanity, which had been rendered virtually uninhabitable by the Great War of 2299. Megacorporation Olympus manufactures and controls the autonomous repair swarms, and is building a widespread mining system in the asteroid’s main belt to harvest the resources urgently needed to restore Earth.

When the control center on Psyche loses contact with an automated mining station in the main belt, Olympus hastily assembles a small team to reboot the errant software. As soon as they land on the asteroid, Sara Renberg and her two teammates discover they are in the grip of a mysterious and powerful force – and Earth itself is the target of a devastating attack!

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Space Adventure, HardSF, Realistic, Space Thriller, Asteroid, Solar System, SciFi Thriller

Word Count: 65000

Sales info:

Over 10.000 $ sales in each German and English

Sample text:

DSI’s Psyche Complex, Main Belt –June 22, 2312, 13:45 Greenwich Mean Time

Sara Renberg was floating in her room’s small private bathroom, which was currently filled with hot steam and bouncy jiggling water droplets. Light strips were flashing yellow, which told her the water was being suctioned out of the room, and warm dry air was being blown in. Sara waited patiently for a few minutes until the strips turned green, then opened the hatch and pulled herself into her private room using the handles on the walls.

As head exogeologist over a team of four employees, Sara had a 40-square-foot room in the Psyche Asteroid Station. Her room was trimmed with bright gray plastic, equipped with a sleeping bag attached to an inclined surface, and included a lockable closet and a narrow fold-out table that could be fitted with clips and magnetic mounts.

Sara slipped into dark gray work overalls emblazoned with the name ‘Deep Space Industries’ and hurried to place her silvery holo-application behind her ear. Her brain was immediately connected to Synthesis, the intersolar network of the Olympus Corporation. Her vision became clearer and visual contrast was enhanced. Carefully selected information began to flow into her mind.

“Good afternoon, Sara. Welcome to Synthesis. You still have fifteen minutes before the start of your fourteen-hour shift. Local time in the main belt is 13:45, midday in Stockholm. Reminder: Today is Midsummer’s Day in Sweden. To do: Swarms C201 to C210 online, Swarm C211 in standby mode in difficult terrain. Advertisement: Happy Hour at Cafeteria Centro starting at 17:00 with Moon Trance Sounds."

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Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Claudia Lubrano and Alessandra Elisa Paganin
Author review:
Great work!
Already translated. Translated by Sofia Rezende Pereira e Silva
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Great to work with, good communication.

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