Hot Cop by Aubree Valentine

A Secret Baby Romance

I’ve always believed in happily ever after, until he walked out on me without a word and left behind a lifelong memory in his place.

Hot cop

Revenge is a dish best served with humor.

I’ve always believed in happily ever after, until he walked out on me without a word and left behind a lifelong memory in his place. Writing a humorous and fictional account of our time together helped me cope and captured a bigger audience than I could ever imagine.

When that book brings my muse right back into my life, keeping my distance is useless.

The chemistry is far too hard to ignore.

I made a vow to protect and serve my community. Becoming a cover model was never part of my plan, but one viral photo in the middle of a hurricane changes all of that. And brings her back into my life.

She thinks she can push me away, but I don’t give up that easy.

But there’s a secret between us.

When he finds out the truth will things be too hot for this cop? Only time will tell.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Police & Law Enforcement

Language: English

Keywords: Second Chance, Romance, Hot Cop, Secret Baby, romantic comedy, alpha, police romance

Word Count: 62771

Sales info:

My books sell pretty well and consistently with my new releases holding steady in between 30k and 50k in the Amazon store. 

The Too Hot to Handle Series, which Hot Cop is the first book in that series, is one of my best sellers.

Readers have also requested translations of this story. 

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Satisfied that I hit my word count goal for today, before lunchtime at that—I click save on my work in progress and log into my social media accounts. After dropping into my reader group to say hello to all my girls, I scroll aimlessly through my newsfeed until a familiar face catches my eye.

Pulling my hair up into a messy bun, I stare at the picture on my screen.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since I saw his face. One weekend in March was all it took for him to get under my skin. I was foolish. Gave in to a moment of weakness, and I thought after two short days that I had something – with a virtual stranger. I was wrong. 

Besides, forty-eight hours spent mostly naked and fucking does not equal a long-term relationship.

In the Wake of Hurricane - Tallahassee Cops Become Viral Sensations, Resulting in Friendly “Hot Cop Challenge” and Raising Money for Hurricane Victims.

The headline pulls me in. I click play on the accompanying video and wait just a few short seconds for it to load.

His face fills the screen—that voice. My heart cracks a little as I listen to the interview.

Rhys Mitchell is hot. Very hot. Sexual fantasies hot. It’s something about him – he oozes sex appeal, and you know he’s gotta be packing heat (in more ways than one). I’m sure he is; I’ve seen it. And, he’s confident. Not in an arrogant, dick head, kind of way either – quite the opposite, in fact. 


I’ve committed to memory, every plane of his rock-hard body. Not to mention that Goddamn smile, the one where you can see the faintest of dimples on his cheeks and that mischievous twinkle in his rich cinnamon-colored eyes. Oh yes, I know this person very well.

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She did an amazing job. Fast turn around. Great attention to detail and great communication. A pleasure to work with

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