Home Security 2 by Owen Jones

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Tips on how to protect your home from burglars in these modern times

Home security 2

I hope that it will interest those who are concerned about the safety of their family, home and possessions.

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A General Guide to Home Security

This article is for those who think that is about time that they took an interest in the security of their home and safety of their family. Perhaps you have just bought your first home or you think that the neighbourhood is getting too scary. Whatever the reason for your desire to protect your home, this article will give you a sound basic knowledge of home security systems.

First off, don't just rely on your poor old dog, because no serious burglar is going to worry about him. An iron bar, a tranquilizer dart or just a lump of poisoned meat will eliminate your dog pretty quickly. I was broken into once by people who had spent weeks befriending my dog while I was at work, but at least they didn't kill her!

So, this means that you have to be looking at an electronic surveillance system. There are quite a few options, which all depend on how much money you want to spend, but then I imagine you had guessed that already. Anyway, an obvious point, but it is cheaper to install your burglar alarm yourself than to have it done.

However, if you want a discount on your home insurance, you will probably have to have an security alarm system installed in and around your house and garage by a recommended installer.

This option is worth investigating first. Call your home insurance company and ask what sort of a discount you will get off your premium, if you have a home alarm system and whether it will fhave to be installed professionally. It will probably have to be tested once a year on a service contract by them too in order to maintain the discount. You can work out from these figures if it is worth it.

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