Home Security 1 by Owen Jones

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Suggestions for preventing potential security issues in and around the home.

Home security 1

The information in this ebook on various aspects of protecting your family and home and related ideas is organised into 15 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

I hope that it will interest those who are concerned about their safety.

As an added bonus, I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although it is better if you rewrite them in your own words first.

You may also split the book up and resell the articles. In fact, the only right that you do not have is to resell or give away the book as it was delivered to you.

Genre: HOUSE & HOME / Security

Secondary Genre: HOUSE & HOME / Equipment, Appliances & Supplies

Language: English

Keywords: home security, safety, home safety, antivirus, burglar alarms, fire alarms, DIY

Word Count: 9,000

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This is one of my best selling 'How to...' books

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Do You Have Security Breaches in Your Home or Business?

Security is an important aspect of life, but then it always has been. It is normal for parents to try their best to take care of their families and it is normal and even a legal requirement for an employer to guarantee the safety of his or her staff. Part of the way we carry out these tasks is to secure the environment in which we live and work - our homes and our offices or other places of work.

A good security system for our homes and businesses is usually an electronic system. Windows and doors - ie likely entry points - will be monitored by sensors. In order to maintain an effective security system, it is necessary to use a regularly changed password system. In a home, the keypad will usually be numeric only, but you should change the password at least every month and maybe even every week.

For example, if you have teenage children or older, they will be inviting friends back. These friends will be able to see you child entering the password. This can be even more serious if the person is a boyfriend or girlfriend who then gets dumped.

Likewise, in an office or other place of work, it is a good idea to have pass cards that can be cancelled if the employee leaves the company. A lot of damage is caused every year to property by disgruntled ex-employees and ex-boy- and girlfriends.


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