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Home movie theatres

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Home theatre Furniture

A home theatre set-up is all the rage now. People are bored with with hooliganism on the streets and in cinemas and are finding it simpler to stay at home. If you drive to the pictures, you could get stuck in a traffic jam or get hassled at traffic lights by people cleaning your windshield without having been asked.

Once you get to the pictures, the cost is sky high and the sound track has to be way too loud to drown out the yobs that talk all the way through the movie.

People have decided that it is just not worth going to the pictures any more. The majority of people who go there are kids who have nowhere else to go. Home-owners have voted with their feet.

However, they still want to watch movies so the answer is to build a home theatre in your own house, which is no longer an expensive undertaking.

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