Holographic Universe: An Introduction by Brahma Kumari Pari

This book explains about the Holographic Universe, including its structure, etc.

Holographic universe: an introduction

Through reading this book, you will have a better understanding on the Holographic Universe and your ability to have experiences in the Holographic Universe increases. Through keeping an open, clear mind (as you read), you can experience what the author has experienced and you will be able to understand what the author is explaining. Instead of just reading the words, read it with the intent to understand the depths of what is being explained. Keep contemplating on it until you experience and understand what is being said about the Holographic Universe. Keep reading the book again and again until you have understood it so that your ability to have experiences in the Holographic Universe increases. 

In this book, the explanations on the Holographic Universe are based on:
1. the guidance from God,
2. the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, 
3. Quantum Mechanics (nothing in this book is contrary to quantum mechanics),
4. research, 
5. experiences of the author, 
6. the knowledge on the chakras and aura, 
7. the ancient Hindu texts, etc. 

There are explanations, in this e-book, about:

1. the various divisions and nature of the Holographic Universe.

2. how everything happens as per the World Drama (Akashic Records).

3. how people live in two kinds of worlds, the Real World and the Holographic World, at the same time.

4. the Holographic Film of the Hologram which we are participating in.

5. how various kinds of worlds exist.

6. how the quantum energies materialise the physical bodies and physical world through the Holographic Universe.

7. how the creation process takes place through the vortices and chakras.

8. Near Death Experiences

9. the Cosmic Consciousness.

10. how subtle dimensions, holographic bodies and subtle bodies are created.

11. how the aura is used during experiences.

12. how quantum energies of different densities materialise a different kind of Real World for us to live in.

13. how the Holographic Universe changes when the world transforms.

14. the meditation and knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris.

The explanations in this book, on the Holographic Universe, will help the reader to understand the contents of the author’s book titled “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)” which is now available as an eBook. More on the Holographic Universe can also be found in the author's book “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)”.

Genre: SELF-HELP / Spiritual

Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Holographic Universe, chakras, quantum energies, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga, Quantum World, aura

Word Count: 54,044

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Sample text:

We are living in 2 kinds of worlds: the Holographic Universe and the Real World. Both, the Holographic Universe and the Real World, are part of the Corporeal World. The Real World consists of everything that we are familiar with in the physical world: the earth, our physical bodies, etc. The Holographic Universe is made up of all that which is not ‘material’ in nature. The Holographic Universe consists of the:

1. Quantum World,

2. Subtle World of Light, and

3. Subtle World Drama.

The Quantum World is filled with quantum energies and has many quantum dimensions. The Subtle World of Light (hereafter referred to as the ‘SWL’) consists of the:

1. Light energies of all quantum energies (which they have instead of having a soul). I have referred to these light energies as the Quantum Energies’ Light (QE Light) in Chapter 8 of this book.

2. Light energy forms of Nature (which they have instead of having a soul). The QE Light energies provide these for them. In God’s messages, and therefore in the Brahma Kumaris’, it has been said that Nature does not have a ‘soul’. It has been said that they only have ‘light’ instead. So this ‘light’, which I have referred to as ‘QE Light’, is not a soul.

3. All human souls who are in the Corporeal World.

4. All animal souls.

5. Pure subtle dimensions/environments which the human souls use in the SWL.

The Subtle World Drama (hereafter called the ‘SWD’) consists of the 2D Subtle World Drama, 3D Subtle World Drama, and Nature’s 2D World Drama.

The 2D Subtle World Drama (hereafter referred to as the ‘2D SWD’) has a brief record of everything that will happen to us, in all our lives on earth.

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