His Indecent Lessons 3 by Sky Corgan

The third installment in a college romance series by USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan

His indecent lessons 3

Cheyenne Grear has had enough. Enough games. Enough pretending that Damien Reed actually has feelings for her. The emotional toll that his lessons are taking on her are becoming more than she can handle.

Desperate to escape her feelings for a man she can never have, Cheyenne takes solace in the arms of another. Chase Vogel is good and kind and handsome, but he wants something from Cheyenne that she's afraid to give him.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English


Word Count: 9632

Sample text:

I wasn't sure exactly why I sent Damien Reed that video of Chase and I having sex. Maybe I wanted to see how he would react. The guy was so cool and put together that nothing ever seemed to faze him. This would probably be no different.

Perhaps I wanted to show him that I wasn't an innocent virgin anymore. He said he didn't sleep with virgins or girls who were in relationships. Now, neither of those things applied to me.

Don't get me wrong. I did feel a bit guilty after I sent the video, sick to my stomach, even. I knew Damien wouldn't show it to anyone else, but still, it somehow felt vindictive to do it, and like a breach of Chase's trust. He hadn't asked me if I planned to show it to anyone, but surely he had to assume that at least Tanya would see it.

I sent the video on Thursday night, and on Friday, I was surprised when I did get a reaction from Damien Reed. Maybe I was over thinking things, over analyzing his expression, but I was almost certain that every time he looked at me during Art Appreciation class, he seemed disapproving. His brown eyes were darker somehow, his serious expression laced with discontent. It served him right for denying me, I thought proudly. He was nothing to me anyway. Nothing but my teacher, our relationship, strictly platonic.

I went to his house on Saturday, curious about what he'd have to say about the video, but half hoping he wouldn't say anything at all. That would be one awkward conversation I didn't want to have, even if I had set myself up for it.

He greeted me with the same professional poise as always, opening the door for me to step inside. Instead of taking me to the classroom, Damien led me into his living room and sat me down in front of his humongous big-screen TV. Fear welled up inside of me that we were going to discuss the video, but I swallowed it, realizing this had probably been unavoidable.

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