Highly Sensitive Person: The Superpower of Elevated Feeling - How To Use Your Enhanced Ability by Andrew Cornwell

To Feel For Things Around You To Maintain Composure In The Face of Adversity


Highly sensitive person: the superpower of elevated feeling - how to use your enhanced ability

<p><strong>DISCOVER THE SUPERPOWER OF HIGHLY ELEVATED FEELING FOR THE&nbsp;HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON!</strong></p><strong></strong><strong></strong><p>The key to living a happy life as a highly sensitive person is to embrace the good qualities that you possess and showcase them to the world, while not allowing your flaws to control you. The bad part about highly sensitive people is that their oversensitivity gets the best of them, and often at the most inopportune times. The goal of this book&nbsp;will be to focus on controlling your emotions and allowing your unique gifts to shine through by using specific action steps to rewire your brain and way of thinking. Mindset shifts will be a major factor in managing your habits and sensitivities. Once you go through the practices and action steps I discuss here; you will truly be able to live your best life as a highly sensitive person.&nbsp;</p><p><strong><em>In "<u></u><u>THE SUPERPOWER OF HIGHLY ELEVATED FEELING</u></em><em><u></u>"&nbsp;You Will Learn:</em></strong></p><p><strong><em></em></strong>✓&nbsp;Why You Are&nbsp;So Sensitive?</p><p>✓&nbsp;How To Tell If You're In The Camp</p><p><em>✓&nbsp;</em>What Makes People Overly Sensitive?</p><p>✓&nbsp;Negative Aspects Of Being A Highly Sensitive Person</p><p>✓ How To Embrace Your Sensitivities</p><p>✓Benefits Of Being a Highly Sensitive Person</p><p>✓ How To&nbsp;Have&nbsp;A Depth Of Experience And Feelings</p><p>✓&nbsp;Self-Awareness &amp;&nbsp;Intuitive Nurturing Skills</p><p>✓&nbsp;How To Have&nbsp;A Knack For Forming Close relationships</p><p>✓ How To&nbsp;Appreciate&nbsp;The Small Things In Life</p><p>✓&nbsp;Why Highly Sensitive People Make Great Friends</p><p>✓&nbsp;Why Highly Sensitive People Make Great Employees</p><p>✓ How To&nbsp;Living As A Highly Sensitive Person</p><p>✓&nbsp;How To Overcome Your Sensitivities</p><p>✓&nbsp;To&nbsp;Accept Thoughts, Emotions, And Sensations As They Are</p><p>✓&nbsp;To Eliminate The Word "Should" From Your Vocabulary<br></p><p><strong>And so much more!</strong></p><p><br></p><p><strong>Pick up your copy of the book&nbsp;right now by clicking the&nbsp;<u>BUY NOW</u>&nbsp;button at the top of this page!</strong></p><strong><em></em></strong>

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness

Language: English

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