Have Tail, Will Travel by Nancey Cummings

Celestial Mates

Single alien dad needs a mate.

Have tail, will travel

Wife Wanted: Single Alien Dad Needs a Mate

Tragedy left Merit as the guardian to two young kits and he’s in over his head. He needs help. He has no time for romance and doesn’t think he needs it. He applies to Celestial Mates, willing to take the first available female, even a flat-faced, ugly human.

What he gets is a woman whose mind challenges him and patience humbles him.

He brought her to his planet under false pretenses. Now he hopes he can make it right before she leaves for good.

This is a stand-alone story with a growly, sweet alpha, one stubborn human woman, a HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Alien Contact

Language: English

Keywords: mail order bride, alien romance, single parent, arranged marriage, dating agency, science fiction romance, slow burn romance, alien contact, wounded warrior

Word Count: 65600

Sales info:

Published in Octover 2018, Have Tail Will Travel has proven to be one of my most popular titles. It has sold more than 10,000 copies and reached a ranking of #81 in the Amazon store. 

Tantor Media optioned the book for audio, published Feb. 2019. 

It is the first in a three book series. The third is currently being written and will be published in September 2020. 

I am interested in having the book translated into French and German, specifically. 

Sample text:

“Uncle Merit!”

Clarity rounded the corner, her brother Dare hot on her tail. Literally.

Merit snatched the kettle of boiling water from his nephew’s paws. Dare broke so many rules it made his head spin. No running in the house. No chasing your sister, with or without boiling water.

How was he even going to keep these two alive when they actively tried to injure themselves? 

After inspecting Clarity and Dare for any potential scalding hot water burns, he said, “Are you trying to burn your sister?”

“She has fleas. I’m helping her,” Dare said innocently, large amber eyes peering up and blinking slowly.

For a moment, Merit felt his resolve soften but he shook himself out of that. Dare was too good at manipulation. He’d wonder where Dare learned all his tricks, but Merit knew damn well that Dare learned it all from his father.

“I do not!” Clarity shouted, scratching behind her ear. She paused, grimaced, and hid her offending hand behind her back.

“Clarity—” he said.

Her ears twitched, obviously itching. “Fine! I’m itchy but it’s not fleas.”

“Come here.” He pulled his niece into his lap and combed his claws through her dark amber hair. He found the critters he expected. “What you have is common, everyday head lice.”

“See, fleas,” Dare crowed in triumph, tail lashing behind him.

“Which means you have them too, Dare.” And as did he, given the way Clarity crawled into his bed whenever she had a bad dream, which meant damn near nightly. He bought her a nightlight but that didn’t seem to help. 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Sabine Ingrao
Already translated. Translated by Talía García

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