Happiness in Your Relationships and Systemic Family Constellation Work by Marc Baco

Happiness in Your Relationships and Systemic Family Constellation Work: Live a fulfilling partner relationship with love and respect

Happiness in your relationships and systemic family constellation work

Use this supportive book to learn:
How to free yourself to have a fulfilling relationship
How to overcome unhealthy entanglements, patterns and blockages in your partnership
How to activate the resources for your love
How to grow together in a relationship using family constellation knowledge
How to create a mindful and respectful relationship
How to nourish your soul with love
This book is for those wishing to achieve happiness in a love partnership. It is aimed at systemic family constellation clients and facilitators. Although it doesn’t replace active participation in a systemic family constellation, it does help you to prepare for one. The examples of constellation sessions include exercises you can do at home. Learn from others who have succeeded through systemic family constellations to nourish their love partnerships so they will flow, grow and thrive.

Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Marriage & Family

Language: English


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Sample text:

Insights about Partnerships through Family Constellation Work

When a man and a woman become a couple, two different family systems are brought together. Mostly the problems of the couple do not stir stem from their relationship itself, but from entanglements and effects of the original family systems of each partner.

On a deeper level, the partners meet in order to mutually mirror their problem areas to each other, and work through it together. This then leads to intellectual and spiritual growth, as long as the couple takes accepts this challenge consciously.

After According to Bert Hellinger, a husband and wife gift the respective energies of their poles to each other, because they each needs the otherneed those. The woman gives the man the his feminine side, while the man gives the woman the her masculine qualityaspect. The A problem arises when the each doesn’t truly embrace their own pole isn't truly embrace, or systemic influences prevent the partners from living in a healthy relationship.can't be lived because of systemic influences.

To embrace and live the one’s respective gender, it requires a healthy relationship with the same-sex parent (Daughter daughter to Mothermother, Son son to the fFather) or even better, a healthy relationship with the whole same-sex lineage. Here, interferences affect can blatantly obstruct the ability to bond, and in the long run prevent the experience of nourishing, fulfilling relationships in the long run.

In constellations the facilitator often sets up a so-called line of ancestors to regain full manhood or womanhood. This ancestral line shows, for example, the client for examplea generational model to a female client, with her mother behind her, then her grandmother, and the great grandmother, etc.

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