Guilt by Emma Calin

A fast moving, steamy, adult suspense romance novel, with female cop protagonist.


...A police dog is down.
Lonely dog handler Helen carries the guilt of survivor. Star singer and single father Marco is too guilty to sing. 
Both are too guilty to love.  
They meet as an innocent animal fights for life.  Perhaps a hope is born?
Terror fanatics close in on London, their target the Queen. A cop must follow her orders. A father must protect his child.
Love breaks laws and hearts.
Follow the lust and drama.  Let go of the guilt. Enjoy the thrill of the action. Follow Marco and Helen to the climax of passion. Hold on for the ride to the triumph of love.

The first book in the 7-story Passion Patrol Series.

Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English

Keywords: romance, love story, steamy romance, police, female detective, dogs, terrorism, thriller, suspense, adventure, female protagonist, strong female

Word Count: 78000

Sales info:

This book is the first story in the Passion Patrol Series.

It has had tens of thousands of downloads in English on Amazon worldwide. It is currently listed as a free book on Amazon and is the introduction to the Passion Patrol Series by Emma Calin.  It has been a paid category #1 bestseller on Amazon in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.  It is currently around the 8000 mark in the free charts on Amazon USA and is in the top 100 of three categories for free books.

The Passion Patrol Series currently includes 7 full length suspense romance novels and a cookery book (!?). 

Each book is a stand alone complete adventure romance story, that can be read in its own right with no cliff hangers between books.  These books are aimed at adult readers who enjoy plenty of sex in their romance stories. Do not accept the translation if you are uncomfortable with explicit romance scenes.

The Passion Patrol Series element of these books is that every story features a female cop from the London Met Police as protagonist. Each heroine in each book has a different role within the police.  In this book, Helen is a police dog handler. Ex-army, she was widowed when her husband was killed on active duty.  The story tells of her struggle to love again after her loss.

The common theme in the series is that we join the heroine at a point when she is single and about to meet the love of her life, usually in the course of duty. These sassy powerful women are as passionate about the men they love, as they are about fulfilling their duty in the police. The path for true love is never easy and each of these girls face mortal peril and are challenged to complete their mission, keep their man and stay alive to love another day. Cops from earlier stories crop up in future editions in the series as they continue their careers in the London Met Police so you can keep up with their progress and their lives.

Sample text:

He brought her a coffee from the machine. He hadn’t asked. She realized she hadn’t even looked at him. She didn’t want to think of anything other than Lanza. Anything else would somehow be unfaithful. It had been over an hour. She stared at the blue swing door through which she knew the yes or no would come.

“You always know if a jury will say guilty or not guilty,” she said.

“You do?”

“Sure. If they look the prisoner in the eye then he’s out of jail. If they keep their eyes down, he’s in trouble.”

“I believe he’ll pull through,” he said.

A jolt of anger shook her. What did he know? What right did he have to give her false hope just to cheer her up in some pathetic way?


She could tell he’d picked up her resentment.

“I’m sorry. I just said what was in my heart, my gut.”

He’d caught her signal, tuned in to her at once. She flicked her eyes to his and found them on her face. Large dark eyes with strength and sorrow speaking to her. She sighed.

“I didn’t—”

“You didn’t need some idiot to mess with your own hopes.”

Voices approaching the swing doors. He took her hand. He didn’t ask.

A bespectacled man in green scrubs pushed through with his shoulder. He looked up and smiled. And held her eyes.

“Hi, I’m Simon Leonard. He’s with us, but weak.”

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Chloé Barbot and Alessandra Elisa Paganin
Author review:
Good quality translation of some hard colloquially challenging dialogue. Great communication which was vital in these times of
Coronavirus where both the translator and the writer had unavoidable episodes of Illness and family issues. We got there between us in the end !
Already translated. Translated by Y. W.
Author review:
In spite of the current world situation and difficulties regarding health of herself and those around her Yuu has once again delivered a great translation. All credit to a great job in very tough circumstances.
Already translated. Translated by Ana Medina
Author review:
Absolutely top class. A joy to work with. Fast, efficient and completely fluent understanding of the text and a true creative writer herself. Never losing the sense of meaning even when dealing with idioms in English and translating these into Spanish. My only fear is that she's a better writer than me!

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