Footprints in the Sand by Erik Daniel Shein

One tiny elephant, one gigantic adventure…

Footprints in the sand

One tiny elephant, one gigantic adventure…

A search for adventure may get Thunder more than he bargained for. He never expected to find himself alone again, but the footprints left by his mother will be his guide to healing and finding his way. On his journey he finds himself making some new friends: Razor, a grumpy lion; Dash, a speedy genet; Archie, a chatty lizard, and two whimsical gorillas, Harold and Neville. A trip back to the caves reunites Thunder with old friends, and together they join forces to save the day and help Thunder find peace.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Elephants

Language: English

Keywords: Children’s Books, Animals, Elephants, More Animals, Chapter Book, Action & Adventure, Survival Stories, Africa

Word Count: 30089

Sales info:

Footprints in the Sand is the 2nd book in the Thunder literary series. The series has been listed in the top 100 in children's books in the elephant category for over a year. Sales are decent.

The Thunder Series is soon to be a video on demand with worldwide distribution.

Sample text:

The sun’s rays filtered through the canopy of the rainforest. The ground below was filled with shadows and light as a caravan of dwarf shrews rustled across it. The babies followed their mother with their whiskers tickling the air around them as their tiny feet moved silently across the ground. When they passed a solitary shrew, the grey rodent hissed at them until they dashed into a shrub nearby. His long fuzzy snout sniffed after them to make sure they were no longer intruding on his space.

Crystal forest tree frogs made their voices known as they searched for mates from afar. Their acoustics added to the bright warbling birds above them. The rainforest was filled with life that stretched all across its canvas from the air above to the ground below.

Thunder, an African pygmy elephant, was proud to call the rainforest his home. Thunder’s large ears flapped around the baby like face that his kind was blessed with. His white tusks stood out among the rusty colored skin and hair that covered his body. His long tail swished a few insects away from his body as he turned to look up at his friend sitting on a branch above him.

“Peek-a-boo, see you.” Penelope, an African grey parrot, said. Her stomach was covered in light grey feathers that contrasted with the darker ones on her wings and back. She shook her red tail feathers lightly as she hopped from foot to foot excitedly.

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Lamia Ishak
Author review:
Great job!
Unavailable for translation.
Translation in progress. Translated by Gaia Di Lorenzo
Already translated. Translated by Débora Denti
Author review:
Great job!
Unavailable for translation.

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