Fated For The Duke by Christina McKnight

When love is mixed with magic, anything can happen.

Fated for the duke

Descended from witches burned at the stake, Lady Emilia Noble knows all too well how society persecutes the different. She trusts no one but her own siblings, never daring to reveal to anyone outside the family that she, like her grandmother before her, can read a person’s emotions through the changing colors of their aura. When her brother’s foolhardy boast that he can predict the future entangles him with the unscrupulous Lord Abernathy, Emilia is faced with a new threat: the ruination of the family’s finances and the unmasking of their secret past.


Until Emilia meets Felix Huntar, the Duke of Kintore. For years, Felix has watched as his immoral uncle, Lord Abernathy, has cast shame upon their family through his dishonest machinations. Determined that Abernathy won’t hurt anyone else, he vows to help Emilia resolve her family’s debts. He’s been drawn to her since the moment he met her, and slowly, she begins to trust him too. But when Abernathy threatens to reveal the Noble family’s supernatural gifts, Emilia’s worst nightmare becomes a very real reality.


Can Felix and Emilia’s love triumph over the forces of evil, or are they fated to be perpetually alone?


When love is mixed with magic, anything can happen.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Victorian, historical romance, romance, paranormal, gothic, witches, duke, lovestory

Word Count: 38000

Sample text:


Sunderland, England

December 1802


Emilia, along with her three siblings and their seanmhair, lowered themselves into the root cellar, taking the long ladder down one rung at a time, their grandmother bringing up the rear. The pungent, heavy aroma of ripening vegetables and her father’s treasured wine barrels greeted Emilia much like a warm, familiar embrace.

Each year, for all her life, it had been the same.

Seanmhair Ailis had brought Emilia, Moire, Iain, and Catriona into the musty cellar every year since their births. As they each learned to walk without assistance, the first ladder they had descended led into this dark, dank, windowless room through a trap door in their butler’s pantry. And Seanmhair demanded they each make the climb unassisted and without a candle to guide them.

It had been a frightening experience when Emilia was younger, but as her siblings were born, and she was charged with minding them, the practice became one of routine and comfort as they lost sight of the importance of the journey. Her mother and father no longer participated and were known to chastise Seanmhair for her old-world traditions.

“Come now, me wee ones,” Seanmhair said, gathering Emilia and her siblings close as she knelt down to look each in the eyes, her knees cracking with the effort. “Do ye ken why we be down here?”

Emilia remained silent, the thick air in the room dampening her short locks as if she stood not in a root cellar, but in a light spring mist.

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Always great working with Gabriela. Hope to work with her again soon.

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