EVA foam handbags: Easter by Karina Martinez Ramirez

Make incredible and original handbags of EVA foam! (Easter)

Eva foam handbags: easter

Make incredible and original handbags of EVA foam!

The book EVA foam handbag: Easter will show you step by step how to create amazing handbags of EVA foam with different character shapes. Learn the technique without problem because all the process is explained from scratch, so you can make as many handbags as you want. This book is an excellent ally for any kind of situations:

A book for amazing family entertainment!
*** All templates included inside the book ***

Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Crafts for Children

Secondary Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / General

Language: English

Keywords: crafts, children, EVA foam, Easter, DIY, step by step, handbags

Word Count: 2790 words

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Sample text:

Chick handbag

1. Make two copies of the chick template at the end of the book and cut out the outline stroke of one of them.

2. Cut the rest of the pieces in the second template.

3. Trace twice the outline stroke on black foam.

4. Cut them with scissors or a cutter.

5. You will obtain two identical figures.

6. Trace twice both yellow pieces, mirroring one another.

7. Trace twice all the figures shown in the image above, mirroring one another.

8. Trace the rest of the pieces as indicated in the previous image.

9. Cut all the pieces with the aid of a cutter.

10. You should have the pieces shown in the image above, check them.

11. Paste the pieces shown in the image with superglue.

12. Fit the colour pieces into the gaps.

13. You will obtain the reflected forms as shown in the image above.

14. Arrange all the pieces on the black background and paste them.

15. Draw the beak and the eyes with the aid of the template.

16. Paste the last pieces with adhesive silicone.

17. The face of the handbag is finished.

18. Repeat 6-16 steps to obtain the other face of the handbag.

19. Cut an orange strip of 2,5x36 cm (0.99x14,18 in) with the pattern scissors.

20. Cut a black strip of 4x40 cm (1.58x15.75 in) to get the background of the handle.

21. Centre the orange strip on the black strip and paste it.

22. Cut a black strip of 8x40 cm (3.15x15.75 in) and paste the handle on the edge of it.

23. Cut an orange strip of 8x40 cm (3.15x15.75 in) and paste it on the black strip.

24. Centre the handle on the other edge and paste it.

25. Add glue to the border of the base of the handbag.

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