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Karina martinez ramirez

Hello world!

My name is Karina and I love to make all kind of crafts. I've just begun to make my own step by step books about EVA foam crafts and professional nail art. Feel free to contact me if you want to translate any of my original books because I would love to have my books in other languages and I want to be my books spread around the world.


Karina Martinez was born with a silver brush in her mouth. She discovered her passion for colours and its nuances in her early childhood. She studied arts in Paco Mollá High School, in which she stood out in drawing and technical drawing. She specialized in Illustration of books in School of Arts and Design in Alicante, obtaining great marks in books for children and crafts. Now she develops her career as a painter and an illustrator. In her spare time she loves to make crafts for children and adults as well as paint nails artistically.

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