Economic Crisis: World Food System - The Battle against Poverty, Pollution and Corruption by Amanda Eliza Bertha

The world food system is in serious danger.

Economic crisis: world food system - the battle against poverty, pollution and corruption

People are starving to death because their food is being hoarded, sold to other countries or is just not being produced. 

This book takes a look at the economic crisis with special attention to the world food system.

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This book takes a look at the economic crisis with special attention to the world food system. The entire economic crisis sets off a vicious cycle and food production is only part of that cycle.

Bill Gates said it best in his 2012 Annual Letter (

“Right now, just over 1 billion people—about 15 percent of the people in the world—live in extreme poverty. On most days, they worry about whether their family will have enough food to eat. There is irony in this, since most of them live and work on farms. The problem is that their farms, which tend to be just a couple of acres in size, don’t produce enough food for a family to live on.”

Gates is promoting assistance to these people in poverty that allows them to grow more on their land. But there is a core of chaos on the world that goes beyond restoring small farmers to a self sufficiency.

It helps if we can take a look at a microcosm that shows the elements that play into the disaster the world faces when it comes to providing the basic essentials for life on earth. These essential are food, water, air and shelter. 

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