Echo Show 2nd Generation User Guide by Paul Garten

The Complete Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation User Guide with Alexa for Beginners & Advanced Users

Get the best out of your AMAZON ECHO SHOW. Learn how to set up and start using your smart device in less than 1 hour

Echo show 2nd generation user guide

Get the best out of your AMAZON ECHO SHOW. Learn how to set up and start using your smart device in less than 1 hour.

This book is an instruction manual written essentially to help you in SETTING UP, CUSTOMIZING and MANAGING your Echo Show smart device for optimum performance. It is written both for Beginners and Advanced Users alike.

In a nutshell, you'd learn inside this book:
How to set up and customize your Amazon Echo Show to your taste.
The meaning of the Visual Indicators on the Echo Show Home Screen.
How to pair your Mobile Device with the Echo Show.
How to connect your Echo Show to a Bluetooth Speaker.
How to have Alexa recognize and relate with you personally via Amazon User Profile.
How to set up an Amazon Household Profile for a personalized experience w/ other family members.
How to manage your Photos.
How to use your Prime Photos as Background Images or set up a slideshow with them.
How to change your Echo Show and Smart Home Devices’ name.
How to Disable a Smart Home Device.
How to protect your Voice Purchases.
How to delete your Voice Recordings from Alexa's history.
How to set up Music Services with Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, SiriusXM, etc.
How to set up Multi-Room Music with the Amazon Echo Show.
How to link your Calendar to Alexa and add entries to it.
How to connect your Echo Remote to Echo Show.
How to restart or reset your Echo Show.
How to create customize Skills for Alexa via Alexa Blueprint.
How your Echo Show can help with Cooking Steps.
How to use your Echo Show as a Security Camera.
How to create Alexa Routines with the Echo Show.
How to build a Smart Home.
How to create a group for your Smart Home Devices and control members of a group with a single voice command.
How to shop Amazon securely with Alexa.
How to create and manage your Shopping / To-do list.
How to play games on your Echo Show.
How to link your Email, send SMS or make Video/Audio calls.
How to watch Videos / Movies on the Echo Show.
How to watch YouTube Videos.
How to watch TV Shows and Movies from Hulu and NBC.
How to watch Movie Trailers from IMDB.
How to watch your Amazon Video & Prime Video Library and Amazon Channels Subscriptions.
How to watch Free TV Stations around the world.
How to watch Unlimited Music Video on Vevo.
How to connect and control your Fire and Dish TV in Alexa.
How to have Alexa read your eBooks or play your Audiobooks.
How to watch set up the Echo Show for Kids.
How to watch integrate IFTTT with Alexa
How to watch troubleshoot the Echo Show Smart Device.

And so much more…

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The Amazon Echo Show second-generation smart device is a miniature TV, a Smart Home Assistant, a Sound Set, a Smart Phone and a Security Agent. The Show’s 10.1 inches touchscreen can deliver high quality crisp and clear video from your favorite video services such as the Amazon Video, Hulu, NBC, YouTube, etc. or even from free TV stations within and outside the US.


The second generation Echo Show comes with improved sound quality when compared with its first generation. The addition of the Bass Radiator and Dolby Sound Processing made this possible. You can easily tune the Bass and Treble with your voice to give a perfect sound quality. Whether you need the Echo Show in the kitchen to help with cooking or you want to get live feeds from your security cameras, the Echo device is here for you.

This manual is designed to guide you with images in making effective use of your Amazon Echo Show considering the potential of the Echo device. The book covers in detail all that you need to set up and customize your Echo device from little stuff like understanding the screen indicator lights, setting up your music services to deeper stuff like troubleshooting the Echo device. Alexa Skills remains the brain behind most functionality you’ll enjoy with your Echo device, and hence, you’ll find great Skills recommendations for your device in this book.

The kids are not left out. Find out how you can carry them along with your Echo Show especially in the area of their academic growth, mental development and general usage of the device as a child. There are lots of games recommendations that can help them learn so much and in a fun way.

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