Duped! by Dee Dawning

A Letta Storm Novel

Newlywed, Jamilla Randle’s, idyllic life is blown to smithereens when she receives a call from her new husband’s other wife.


Newlywed, Jamilla Randle’s, idyllic life is blown to smithereens when she receives a call from her new husband’s other wife. ASAP, she hires women's attorney, Letta Storm.

Then Jamilla meets Tony at a barbeque and feels an instant, compelling bond with him. Yet, after her marriage fiasco, she’s afraid to trust her judgment regarding men.

Nevertheless, the attraction is too strong to be denied and with Tony’s patient persistence, her heart begins to warm and the three of them begin to pick up the pieces of Jamilla’s life.

In the process they unravel some amazing secrets even she didn’t know existed.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial

Language: English

Keywords: Erotic Romance, Erotic Humor, Paranormal romance, Interracial Romance

Word Count: 40,000

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Sold wellwhen new. Book is ten years old now and doesn't sell unless promoted.

Sample text:

“You were about to tell me why you called her marriage bogus?”

Letta glanced at me, and I nodded. “He had no right to propose or marry her because he’s already married. Mind you, I don’t think you are, but, I wanted to meet you to make sure you’re not another Max Randle. Once in a lifetime is enough.”

Tony raised his hands in mock surrender. “Hey, I assure you my intentions are honorable and I’ve never been married.”


Tony’s eyebrows dipped. “What other problems are there?”

Again I nodded when Letta glanced my way. “I must extricate Jamilla from an obligation connected to the bogus marriage, which will not be easy. Since the two issues are interconnected, it would not be wise to expunge the marriage until the other issue can be resolved. Therefore, I hope you won’t mind if your dinner date is put off until I have these problems resolved.”

Tony’s bushy eyebrows dipped low, his eyes became slits. “How long might that be?”

“Hopefully, a couple of weeks.”

Tony’s brow furrowed as his head shook. “That’ll never do.”

I didn’t like it either, but Letta and I asked simultaneously, “Why?”

“Because my latest movie, Between the Sheets, is having its Studio Première this coming Saturday night, and I want Jamilla to be with me.”

Letta’s nostrils flared. “Why?”

“I just do.”

She shifted in her seat. “Look mister, right now you’re on our good side. If you want to stay on our good side, you had better start coming up with some answers. Tell me about the sister you used to go with at UCLA.”


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Already translated. Translated by Joice Faustino and Rayanne Vieira

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