Digital Detox Guide by Gary Randolph

How to Beat Social Media Addictions

This ebook guide is about getting rid of social media addiction.

Digital detox guide

Though social media is great tool to communicate with your friends, family, seeking knowledge and information but using it 24/7 is not good for mental health.
Now a days individuals have become addicted to social media and it has also decreased physical activity of people.
If you have become addicted to social media and want to change your preferences about life than this guide is for you.
This ebook guide has described the complete process of digital detox.
If you want to get rid of social media addiction than this guide is for you.

This ebook guide will teach you:

- Top Ten Ways to Get Rid Of Social Sites Addiction
- Which accounts must be deleted
- Keeping account with minimum usage
- How to limit your friend list
- Minimum use of device
- Realignment of your priorities
- Spare time for your real relationships
- Steps to be taken
- & much more!!!

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