Diary of an Almost Cool Girl: Meet Maddi – Ooops! by Bill Campbell

This is the prequel to the extremely popular Diary of an Almost Cool Girl series.

Diary of an almost cool girl: meet maddi – ooops!

Hi Almost Cool Girls and Boys,
Some of you might have read Diary of an Almost Cool Girl- My New School. Did you ever wonder why Maddi had to leave her last school? What happened that could be so bad?
In this book, you get to meet a slightly younger and less wise Maddi and find out what happened at her old school (before she was asked to leave).
Hope you enjoy this prequel to the BEST SELLING Diary of an Almost Cool Girl Series.

Almost Cool Kids Rock!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

Language: English

Keywords: girls books age 9 12, kids books, kids books aged 9 to 12, books for girls 8-10, girls books 9-12, girls books 7-9, funny books for kids

Word Count: 6540

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Sample text:

Where it all began…

The shrill sound of sirens vibrated the frame of the window I was looking through. Up here on the second level of my school, I have a good view of the science block. Although the smoke haze is still lazily drifting from the windows that were smashed so the firemen could put their hoses in. Within a minute, they called out that the fire was under control.

I personally think the second fire unit and the two ambulances were a bit over the top. Nobody got hurt, and the fire was only in the waste paper basket.

I’ve been sitting in the Principal’s office now for about 15 minutes, waiting for my mom to arrive so that the Principal can inform her about- “How Madonna Bull tried to burn the school down.”

They are his words – not mine.

How did I end up in the Principal’s office, you ask? Well, let me explain, it’s all in my diary.


Hi everyone, welcome to my diary. Some people write their diaries as private memories for themselves, me…I’m different, I like to write it for an audience. My name is Madonna Bull. Most people call me Maddi.

Some kids call me Mad or even Mad Bull, but I just ignore those types of kids. I’m not one of the “cool” kids, and I’m not of the “brainy” kids…I’m just a normal girl. Sometimes I like to think of myself as an “almost cool girl.” Not in the “cool” group, but I’m not a nerd either.

I’m 12, well, nearly 12. Okay, I’m 11 years, six months, and 3 days, to be exact.

I must confess, I have a bad habit. I like to give people nicknames, but don’t panic. I don’t call anyone by their nicknames. I just use them in my diary. So I guess only you and I know about them.

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