Crimson the Dragon Valley of Rubies by Valerie Pike

Crimson is no ordinary dragon. He has a special power. He is the only dragon in the world whose scales turn to rubies when he sheds them.

Crimson the dragon valley of rubies

This Dragon Tale is about CRIMSON, a young dragonling who lives in a lair on the top of Lonely Mountain. 

As the story begins, Crimson eagerly awaits the arrival of his mother, Black Tail Thunder. When his cave overflows of rubies his mother always comes to help move them to the Valley of Rubies. 

Meanwhile, in the Castle of Contentment Princess Penelope readies herself for her wedding, receiving a magical necklace that brings her good luck and protection from evil. The evil-minded Queen Malvainia attends their wedding with a devious plan to break up the happy pair. She plots to marry the charming prince for his treasure. 

After Crimson and his mother take the gems to the valley, they attend the grand wedding of the Prince Valentin and Princess Penelope. Trouble begins when Green Smasher the Gold Hoarder witnesses the transporting of the rubies. The evil dragon attacks the wedding party pulling the moonstone necklace off Penelope’s neck, breaking the spell of protection before the wedding ceremony begins. She kidnaps the princess, demanding all the jewels in the Valley of Rubies as ransom, and flies the Princess to a hidden lair where her hatchling, Amethyst, stands guard. To make sure Penelope won’t escape, Green Smasher uses magic to turn her into a mermaid. She threatens that the changes will be permanent unless her conditions are satisfied. Follow Crimson and the Prince on his quest to get the green dragon thief to release the Princess unharmed.

The Queen wants the rubies for herself, so she returns to her castle in Bon Bon Land to gather her army. Bold Cornsnap learns of her wicked plans and informs the Prince that the mean-spirited Queen Malvainia is gathering an army to march from her castle to fight for the valuable gemstones. The villain queen and her army march to the Valley of Rubies. 

The townspeople rush to the Valley of Rubies to bag up the stones before the Queen can attack. They are met by the menacing Queen who rushes in with her army of soldiers. While the villagers are bagging up the gems for the prince, she launches an attack just as the green dragon thief arrives to collect her ransom. The devious queen and her soldiers are too battle ready for the peaceful villagers, so the battle begins.  

Chaos erupts in the Kingdom of Nosmir once again. The fate of the rubies and Princess Penelope hang in the balance. Will evil triumph over good? Will the Princess's spell of protection save her? Will she stay a Mermaid forever? 

Join the adventure with Bracken Pepper Witch to turn the bride-to-be back into human form. Will the Princess Bride be returned to her Kingdom? Will the once happy couple be able to get married? Will the Queen win her fight for the groom and valuable jewels? Will the townspeople no longer have to fear the evil dragons? Will Crimson and the Prince save the Valley of Rubies? Find out about Green Smasher's thieving plans when you read the dragon tale. 

“Valley of Rubies” is the second book in the Crimson the Dragon Adventure series and teaches that love is more powerful than greed.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

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Word Count: 5,000

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Sample text:

Once upon a dragon’s breath, at the top of Lonely Mountain, there lived a young dragon named CRIMSON.  He was the only dragon in the world that produced rubies from his scales. Whenever he shed his red scales or whenever he cried, rubies would shower down to the floor.  Crimson needed to guard his Ruby treasure from greedy dragons, which forced him to stay in his cave.  He had poisonous indigo spikes on his tail. 

Once a year, his mother, Black Tail Thunder, returned from Lapen to take the rubies that filled his cave to the Valley of Rubies for safekeeping.  The Valley was an area of low land between mountains.  Lapen, nestled high amongst the tallest mountains in the world, was Crimson’s birth place and where his mom’s family lived.  Black Tail Thunder came to clear out the clutter she flew up high to Crimson’s hidden lair.  The rubies glowed a bright red hue that could be seen for miles.  Crimson knew his mother would come to collect them.  His mother missed coming the week before.

Princess Penelope could find the red gems lying at the base of the Lonely Mountain.  She was soon to be married to Prince Valentin.  A grand wedding of the brave Valentin and the beautiful Penelope was taking place later that day and Crimson wanted to attend with his mother.

From her lair near an inactive volcano, Green Smasher the Gold Hoarder saw the glow of the rubies.  Green Smasher was a greedy dragon who desired precious jewels and shiny things above all else.  Her bed was made of gold and treasures she stole.  She lay on countless piles of gold coins.    She had bat-like wings full of forest green scales and powerful claws, her long tail ending in a hard-as-a-rock spade; she smashed anything that got in her way.  Her loud wail shook the ground with sonic vibrations.

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