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Cool gadgets

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Buying Your Digital Camera

Digital cameras are here to stay, so whether you would like to take professional quality photos or merely a few vacation and family snaps a few times a year, you will have to become used to them.

The good news though is that the digital functions accessible are implemented in the same way on all digital cameras, so once you have learned how to use the contrast function on one camera, you will be able to operate it on all digital cameras.

This is not to say that these features are equally good on all cameras or that they will be accessed in the same way on all cameras though. A costly camera manufactured by a good manufacturer will almost certainly be better than a cheap point-and-click camera built into a mobile phone, but you would expect that anyway.

Most digital cameras have dozens and dozens of features to control specialist aspects of lighting, most of which most happy snappers have no clue about and normally they do not want to know about them either. Many of these functions are available in picture manipulation software, so they are merely duplicated in the camera, where most people do not use them.

The first tip for buying a camera is not to choose it by its looks. Novices are often impressed by how the camera looks rather than what it can do. This is usually because they do not understand the features but they want their camera to be the size of a packet of cigarettes. So before you go to purchase a digital camera, take some time to acquaint yourself with the typical functions of a digital camera.

The first term to understand is megapixels. Digital images are made up of dots like a TV picture. The more dots the higher the resolution and the better the picture. The better the photograph, the dearer the camera. So, what type of quality pictures do you require and how much can you afford to pay?

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