Conversations with the Father by Antonio Almas

Moments of introversion, outflows and conversations with Creation.

Conversations with the father

This is a book where the author fully exposes himself as a believer and a follower of Creation, is not a book about a religion, but above all it is a book about faith in a generalized way and about being as an integral part of humanity.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Language: English

Keywords: self-awareness, faith, belief, personal growth, thoughts

Word Count: 8279

Sales info:

This book had a huge impact in Brazil, particularly in the Northeast where the population is more believing

Sample text:

Whilst I don´t fall asleep, I leave the silence to fulfill the space of dreams, I want it to take over me, that allows me to be the ladder that climbs up to the Creator. I allow my thoughts to talk, allow it to take me to Your place, I want to sit at Your right-hand side and leave me be. Listen to me, hear my prays, I know that you listen, that you do not reprehend me. You, only You, know why I am here, why I live this way, why I think and feel this way, after all I´m the fruit of Your creation, I am the son of your designs, I am sentence in Your text, whisper in Your winds. For all of this Father, I want to talk to you. In this dark night, I search for Your light, the comfort of emptiness you fulfill. My prays are the prelude of what I want to say to You, as if it were the key that opens the portal that unites us. I ask nothing for me, except the comfort of knowing You are here, of feeling You sitting next to me, that You look at me with tenderness, just as we look at a child. I confess to You my dichotomies, the hard balance of staying in the right track. I tell You about the temptations, of how the body betrays the senses, and gets addicted to the most basic of them, the touch of flesh, the will and desire of taking another for their body. You know Father, it´s not easy to control the home you sent me to live in, it has its own will and I can´t always bend them. I know that You listen to me, that You see me, that You worry with the fates I carry in my hands, with the tasks that You trusted me with, and when everything seems to make no sense, You reinvent my path, illuminate and carry me like a leave in the end of October, in the blow of Your divine wind.

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Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
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As always, fast and accurated, thank you Monja for your great work, it's a pleasure work with you.
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