Class Reunion [A Billionaire's Wife] by Little Dickins

When you're one of the most beautiful women in the world and married to one of the world's richest billionaires, what could you possibly want?

Class reunion [a billionaire's wife]

When you're one of the most beautiful women in the world and married to one of the world's richest billionaires, what could you possibly want? Sharon knows exactly what she wants— Jason (Jace) Masterson—the All State Quarterback hunk from high school that got away. With her ten-year class reunion approaching, she knows just the method she'll use to wrap him around her finger.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: cisgender, class reunion, coitus, contemporary, erotica, explicit sexfellatio / cock sucking, heterosexual, high school reunion, infidelity, liaison, little dickins, male / female, naked, new dawning bookfair, obsession, oral sex, reunion, second chances, short story, wealthy

Word Count: 5230

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Sales spotty, when promoted sales pick up then drop off.

Sample text:


"I'm in the bedroom. To your right."

He edged up to the door and leaned a shoulder against the jamb.

He looked so handsome in his black tux and cummerbund with his sandy brown hair, and his deep blue eyes.

A grin formed on his sexy thin lips when he saw me. A chill passed though me. I was about to cheat on my billionaire husband. I was about to fuck another man—Jace Masterson—school hero.

I need this. I need something beside sterile prim and proper, boring sex with my husband. I hunger for dirty, filthy, lascivious head thrashing, heart beating, back cresting, fist clenching sex from a fervent, new lover.

Seven years ago, when Paul and I married, he was an amazing, imaginative lover, but as the years passed and he advanced up the corporate ladder, our sex life suffered. He became indifferent to sex, and we had it less often and with less passion.

Now, I'm desperate for dirty, hardcore sex that rips my thighs apart. Can Jace do that for me? Can Jace provide the sinful extramarital sex for which I crave—sex that delivers mighty orgasms that come with being a wanton adulteress—fabulous sex, so wicked, I can never tell anyone, even my best girlfriends about it.

He held up the bottle of Dom Perignon and two flutes he'd brought. Apparently for my approval. He waggled his eyebrows. "Lookin' good. I see you've filled out nicely since leaving school. Couldn't wait, huh?"

I shifted in my seat, uncrossing my legs, parting them. "I'm here for you know what. We have to hurry. I don't know how long we have until my husband starts to look for me."
Jason strode up to the chair, set the flutes down and poured bubbly. He handed me one. "Here, you are." He smiled seductively and winked, "Unless you'd rather have me lick champagne off your naked body."

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