Christmas Ever More by Christina McKnight

A lady seeking forgiveness for her past…

Christmas ever more

A lady seeking forgiveness for her past… 

Lady Viola Haversham is determined to put her past where it belongs—behind her. To do so, she sets out to host the grandest holiday celebration Foldger’s Hall has ever seen; proving to everyone—including herself—that she has more to offer than the hardship and loss she has brought to her family.

A woman forging a new path in life...

Mrs. Ruby Jakeston is tired of others taking care of her. She is ready to show everyone that she can look after more than just herself and her new husband; she also wants to set her overprotective friend at ease, and bring her hellion sister to heel.

A girl lost and in search of a place to belong…

Lady Ellington is on the brink of losing the only home she’s ever known. The last thing she wants is to attend a grand soirée.  However, when her older sister demands her presence at a country Christmas party, she is compelled to attend. With only a stablehand as her companion, she arrives at a house teeming with unfamiliar faces—and nowhere to hide.

A trio of women holding out hope for three different holiday miracles…

Christmas ever more.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, historical, London, Holiday, novella, Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, Christmas

Word Count: 31,000

Sample text:

Chapter One

Lady Haversham sighed with contentment, taking in the mess of ribbons, parchment, and unwrapped toys littering the floor around her. Only a year ago, she’d never have believed a room at Foldger’s Hall could hold so much joy and love. And hope.

They’d been organizing…and wrapping…and decorating for hours, and still the room was full of things that needed to be done. And with all the hours of labor came a sore back, aching neck, and cramping fingers.

Viola held her swollen hands before her, alternating between clenching her fists and straightening her fingers. Her ankles most assuredly matched the rest of her, though she’d lost the ability to see past her swollen belly weeks ago.

“You really should rest, Vi,” Ruby called from across the room. “I can finish the wrapping and start on the holly wreaths. Besides, Harold should be here any moment.”

She placed her hands on the floor to either side of her where she sat, readying to push herself close enough to use the lounge to assist her to stand. The pregnancy had been fairly easy and enjoyable thus far, but her increased size was quickly becoming cumbersome.

“I will be fine.” Vi eyed the distance between her and the lounge. “Maybe I will wrap a few more gifts before retiring.”

Ruby raised one brow. “Do you need assistance to stand?”

Vi was loath to admit she needed help. As the lady of the house, she was determined to take care of everyone, prepare the perfect holiday celebration, decorate every doorway, and make sure there were ample gifts for all.

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