Catherine de Valois: French Princess, Tudor Matriarch by Laurel A. Rockefeller

The forgotten French princess whose courage launched the Tudor dynasty

Catherine de valois: french princess, tudor matriarch

War made her queen of England. Her love for a Welshman made her immortal. 

Best known as Henry V's Agincourt bride from Shakespeare's "Henry V," Catherine de Valois was an extraordinary woman of faith, courage, and conviction in an age of politically powerful women. 

A younger daughter to King Charles VI of France terrorized by his mental illness, Princess Catherine survived the ravages of his schizophrenia, a civil war at home, and King Henry's war with France to become one of Renaissance England's most fascinating and courageous queens. 

A Legendary Women of World History narrative biography. 
Includes a War of the Roses family tree, detailed timeline, and detailed suggested reading list/bibliography.


Secondary Genre: HISTORY / Medieval

Language: English

Keywords: princess, French, France, Tudor, matriarch, queen, consort, Henry V, Henry VI, Charles VI, Charles VII, England, Wales, War of the Roses, Hundred Years War, mother, wife, romance, war, politics, Parliament, 15th century, Battle of Agincourt, Owen Tudor, Owain ap Tudur, king, Shakespeare, young adult, biography, children's books, inspirational, forgotten queens, history, medieval, renaissance, mental illness

Word Count: 11440

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Sample text:

As Montjoie stepped aside to take his traditional place one pace behind the queen, King Henry emerged into the room, his eyes immediately fixing themselves on the beautiful Catherine in her embroidered cotehardie and fur-edged side-less surcoat, the royal fleur-de-lys glistening in gold thread on her gown.  For a moment, Henry found himself so moved by Catherine’s beauty that he could not speak.  Finally after two minutes, the king took a chivalrous bow, “Good ladies, we meet at last!”

Coolly, Catherine curtsied politely, “Your Majesty.”

Henry, normally so confident and proud stammered, “Y-y-you are more beautiful than I ever dreamed!  Truly a vision of all that flowers in France!”

“If you value the beauty of the flowers of France, perhaps you should not have killed so many along the way,” countered Catherine, her rage flaming from her eyes.

Chided, Henry turned to Queen Isabeau, “Your Majesty, you permit your daughter to speak to me like this?”

“Catherine speaks her mind. In that, she is quite her mother’s daughter – and a Bavarian,” smirked Isabeau proudly.  “That you slaughtered our people, we concede.  That we wish to end this war, we fully declare.  But do not think you can force the mind and heart of my daughter in any matter.  Though you may, through the brutality that brings us here together, compel a measure of outward obedience, if it is affection of the mind or heart you desire, it would serve you best to put aside all savage warrior ways and behave yourself like a gentleman.”


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Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Agnes Metanomski
Author review:
Agnes' second translation for me was as good if not better than the first. She came up with a clever way of signalling to readers the lines that are in French in the original such as when Catherine responds to Henry V's demand she speaks English with "Pourquoi?" Agnes put that in italics so you know that while Henry is speaking English here, Catherine is speaking French, even though readers are reading Henry's lines in French.

That sort of creativity is why Agnes is the right translator for this series.
Already translated. Translated by Stephan Remberg
Already translated. Translated by Carla Giannini
Author review:
There were some small formatting issues, but overall she did very well with this translation. Delivered the book ON TIME which is very helpful.
Already translated. Translated by Fabiana Rodrigues Castelo Branco
Author review:
Nicely done.
Already translated. Translated by Roberto Carlos Pavon
Author review:
After multiple translations from Roberto, I expect high quality work. However on this book he rushed through and IGNORED the specific perimeters for this book series, creating hours of needless and very annoying work for both of us. This book is not up to either his standard or mine. I am exceptionally disappointed.

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