'Buying the Virgin' Part Four - The Virgin Unleashed by Simone Leigh

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

Auctioned, Sold and Shared...

'buying the virgin' part four - the virgin unleashed

Auctioned, Sold and Shared

Charlotte has sold her virginity and herself at auction.

As she stands displayed and blindfolded, a group of strangers has played cards for the right to have her.

What comes next?

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: bdsm, auction erotica, menage, gangbang, two masters, threesome

Word Count: 5000

Sales info:

Fourth part of series leading to box set

Sample text:

The Virgin Unleashed

Blindfolded and bent forward at the waist over some padded object, a cock presses to my lips. Despite my blindness, I know it is my Master from his delicious musky scent. Speaking down to me, his voice is low. I do not think that the other men in the room will hear him.

“Are you alright, Charlotte? You can handle this?”

“Yes, Master. I a’m finealright.” And I reach forward, as best I can from my awkward position, to take his cock in my mouth. It trembles and twitches against my lips, as I lick away the briny droplet of pre-cum I can taste on the tip.

A body is behind me, fingers toying with my pussy lips, winding into my wet curls and rippling through my folds. My Master’s voice again. “That’s Michael behind you right now. But it’s going to be all of them. You’re okay with that?”

I pull away from sucking my Master’s delicious erection. “Yes, Master. I’m fine with that. I…. I… want…”

Lost as to how to express my state of sheer molten arousal, my words trail away. In the last hour or so, I have been shackled and stretched upwards on some sort of frame, my wrists cuffed and blindfolded, while a group of men, I am unsure how many, have played cards for me. Each winner had the privilege of removing some part of my clothing, fondling me, playing with me….

If I don’t get fucked soon, I am going to ignite.

Reaching again, for the wonderful mouthful of my Master’s seeping cock, I slip my tongue into the slit, whirling my tongue around the head. Using his hand, sighing above me, he guides himself into me, working himself into my mouth, but letting me set the pace.

Michael’s fingers are still playing with my pussy, slippery with my own juices. And it’s not just between my legs.


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