Books for Girls - Witch School - Book 1 by Katrina Kahler

This beautiful new book by Katrina Kahler will take you on a magical journey.

Books for girls - witch school - book 1

Books for girls 9-12: Imagine being 11 years old and discovering you are a witch! For Charlotte, this was a huge surprise! She had no idea her mother was a witch and she was about to be enrolled in the most prestigious Witch School in the world. At first she was fearful, but as she met new friends, amazing teachers and had magical experiences...she grew to love the school. 

This beautiful new book by Katrina Kahler will take you on a magical journey. You'll love Charlotte's new friends, even Alice is entertaining. But when Charlotte's path crosses with Margaret Montgomery, bad things'll love the suspense and drama. A perfect book for girls 9-12!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Chapter Books

Language: English

Keywords: witch school, girls books 9-12 , witches, girls books age 9 12, books for girls 9-12, magic, books for girls age 10-14

Word Count: 24386

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Sample text:

The shrill sound of the ambulance was deafening as it pulled up outside. But at least it had drowned out the sound of the panicked mothers as they hovered around the boy frozen stiff in the middle of the room. Fortunately, Charlotte’s mother had narrowly beaten the ambulance to the birthday party. She took in the scene and knew exactly what to do. This is the moment that Charlotte’s life changed forever...It all started at Charlotte’s next-door neighbor’s birthday party and the silly thing is that she didn’t even want to be there. There were bunches of balloons scattered around the room, all in varying shades of pink. A banner with the message 'happy birthday' on it took up half of the far wall, and a group of adults stood to the side of the room, sipping on tea and stuffing their faces with leftover sandwiches.  Charlotte Smyth sat crossed-legged on the floor, in between a girl who kept rubbing her nose onto the back of her sleeve and a flat-haired boy who'd already won at apple bobbing and musical statues. She felt foolish being there playing party games at the age of eleven, but it was a family friend’s party and she didn't want to upset the birthday girl, so she went along with it. Charlotte took the pink wrapped parcel off the nose-rubbing girl and that's when the One Direction song stopped playing. 'That's not fair, SHE CHEATED!' the flat-haired boy screamed. 'No I didn't,' Charlotte replied, before she ripped the layer of paper off the parcel, revealing another layer of paper and a lollipop. 'You held onto it for ages,' he said as he snatched the lollipop out of the paper. ‘Hey, that’s mine.' Charlotte tried to get the lollipop back but he kept moving it out of her reach. 'Ed give it back, the music stopped on Charlotte,' a girl who sat opposite them said.


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