Bonne Chance & Butterflies by Rosie Christopherson

Enchanting first novel of self discovery and following your dreams.

Bonne chance & butterflies

After the death of her mother forty year old Izzy takes a journey of self discovery. Bringing her from surburban Melbourne, Australia to France.

Facing her own insecurities and the challenges of life in a new country, this novel has a twist of tarot and travel.

For anybody wanting to immerse themselves in a new culture and follow their dreams, this story is heartfelt and hard to put down.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Travel Tarot Romance, France, Australia

Word Count: 45,000

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Silver Tent Radio interview ranked 10th.

Sample text:

My first three days in Paris have been delightful and relatively easy. 

Pierre, the manager of “La Petite Chambre Hotel,” has been so helpful, pretending to understand my bad French. Just ten minutes’ walk away from the station I will depart from for Poitiers. Tucked away in Rue Daguerre, a cosmopolitan walkway lined with flower sellers, fruit stalls, tiny bistros and bars. 

Pierre helped me with directions to the Catacombs of Paris, laying beneath Montparnasse, spooky tunnels filled with the bones taken from the cemeteries in 18th century Paris.

Not wanting to undo my weight loss, knowing I couldn’t resist all the tasty temptations, I walked the five kilometres over the Seine and up through the right bank to the Sacré Coeur. Up thousands of steps overlooking Paris. Onto Montmartre and Moulin Rouge. Pinching myself finding it hard to believe I am actually in Paris, the City of Love.

Three months ago, I couldn’t have walked down to the local shop without getting puffed. Stopping frequently, bowls of steaming hot chocolate or coffee are delivered outside cafés to tiny pavements, tables filled with aspiring writers and artists. So easy to imagine Hemingway’s 1930s.

My last afternoon I wandered through Montparnasse cimetière, wanting to visit Simone Beauvoir’s resting place. My 20th century heroine. Such an interesting; inspiring woman. Since reading her novel “Memories of a Dutiful Daughter,” I couldn’t help but feel similarities in our lives. Her mother was a rigidly moral Catholic, her father a loving very ethical pagan. Originally promised to the convent she renounced her faith. Caught in endless disputes between her parents, she ended up becoming an intellectual. She was bi-sexual but lived with one man for fifty years. Never marrying and having endless love affairs, 

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Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Translation in progress. Translated by vivian moura ramos
Already translated. Translated by Alex M.
Author review:
Thank you to Alex Massana for a lovely translation of my book Bonne Chance and Butterflies into the spanish language. Alex communicated very well with me and was very timely with getting the translation done. Highly recommended.

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