Birthday Girl (Tammy's Birthday) by Little Dickins

Tammy's mother and Johnny's father, leave her at home with Johnny while they attend Tammy's mother's class reunion.

Birthday girl (tammy's birthday)

Tammy's mother and Johnny's father, leave her at home with Johnny while they attend  Tammy's mother's class reunion. After Tammy accidently on purpose walks in on Johnny at an awkward moment, one thing leads to another and another, and another and so forth...

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English

Keywords: erotica, family friends, nudity, masturbation, oral sex

Word Count: 5300

Sales info:

A good seller. 1st book of the Birthday Girl Series.

Sample text:

"Johnny, since Mom… Oh shit!" I hopped back out of the room—Johnny's room—that I'd just barged into. I'd accidently caught him doing the… What was that cute term Becky used for stroking it? Oh yeah, the five-knuckle shuffle. I lifted my hand to my mouth and giggled. "Sorry!" I said through the door.

"Dammit Tammy. How many times do I have to tell you to knock before you come in?" Johnny yelled back, his voice shaky.

I bit my lip. "I told you I was sorry." This was the opportunity I'd been looking for, so I was going to follow it for all it was worth. "Can I come in now?"

"I guess."

I swung the door open. Biting my lip to keep from smirking, I waltzed up to his bed and sat at the foot of the bed. He sat at the top of the bed with his arms wrapped around his knees covered by a sheet. He's trying to hide his erection.

"Happy Birthday by the way."

"Thank you." I snickered.

"What's so funny?"

I shrugged and wiggled my underdeveloped butt as the image of his boner embedded itself in my innocent, but devious mind.

When I didn't say anything, Johnny asked, "Well what do you want?"

I wasn't sure why, but it was getting warm between my legs. "Ah, I thought since my mom and your dad went to mom's twenty year reunion maybe, since it's my birthday, Becky could spend the night."

His gaze was glued to my chest.

Being a late bloomer and having relatively flat boobs, I rarely wore a bra—like now. I glanced down at my belly shirt and—sure enough—my nipples had hard-ons of their own.

He nodded. "Sure, go ahead."

He probably thought I'd thank him and leave. But I didn't.

My pussy started to warm up.

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