Beyond the Portal by Eileen Sheehan

Esmerelda Sleuth, Paranormal Investigator

The thrills, suspense, and romance continue in "Beyond the Portal", book 3 of the Esmerelda Sleuth, Paranormal Investigator series.

Beyond the portal


Lies, deciet and darkness lead Esmerelda on a journey through dimensions where she faces a world she never knew existed.  Dark lords, aliens, and vampires await as she struggles to save her friend from the vampires by aligning with aliens who she later learned were cannibals!  Through it all, she's finally reunited with Lance... but what about Killian?

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: romance, paranormal, women sleuth, time travel, aliens, alternate realities, thriller, sexy, series, investigator, love triangle, fantasy, dark lord, magic, magician

Word Count: 86,093

Sales info:

Book 3 of a series.  Is now on pre-order.  It is scheduled for release on 4/21/2020

Sample text:


A thin layer of powdery snow blanketed the ground.  Beneath it was an icy crust that had assaulted the landscape just hours earlier.  The frozen moisture on the trees gave them a glassy appearance.  We’d had one of the worst recorded snowstorms in Virginia history and it was still coming down.  I stomped the snow from my boots and took them off.   Setting them on the boot tray, I slipped my feet into my office loafers.  Then, I opened the door to shake my jacket outside of the building.  I worked as fast as I could so that minimal falling snow replaced what I was shaking off it.

“You’re fighting a losing battle,” Nora said as she snuggled under an afghan while sitting in a tapestry covered winged back chair that she’d taken from one of the rooms in the unused west wing of the mansion sized house that Lance turned over to me when we were married back in time.  She’d strategically placed it in front of the infrared fireplace that we’d been forced to put in to assist the outdated furnace.  Opposite her was a similar wing backed chair that she’d taken from the same part of the house.  It was empty and looked mighty inviting.  She pulled the afghan tight around her neck. “Close the door, will you? Even with this heater running, I can’t get warm.  I never thought about the furnace being old.”

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