A Divine Mandate For All Living. The Privilege Of All Who Believe. The Lord’s Expectation For All.

A 25-Day Devotional Book.

Becoming an influence

Transform your life in less than three (3) minutes Every day. Eryeza Kalalu has seen that every Christian can influence lives. After years of practising the Christian faith, Eryeza has looked into the Scripture and drawn wisdom, encouragement, and instruction on a life of influence.What started as daily devotional messages on social media platforms, blogs and podcasts has developed into a seasoned 25-day Devotional book, just for you. Eryeza’s pastoral heart comes through this masterpiece as he shares insights on influence. Since today is a day you can't leave to waste, why not learn about your influence in Christ? Whether you are a boy or girl, a CEO or a parent, a teacher or a student leader, a pastor or a builder, becoming an influence is for you. Start on this devotional today!

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Sample text:

Benjamin Franklin once said, “an apple, a day, keeps the doctor away.” Meaning that when you eat an apple, daily, good health is a guarantee. The idea behind the saying is that what you do on a daily basis produces excellent results. You don’t eat twenty apples, at once, to keep healthy. One, each day, is the recommendation.

This isn’t a book on natural health, although the principles in the proceeding pages contribute to your welfare; natural, spiritual and emotional.

The human body absorbs nutrients necessary for a day. Likewise, feed your soul daily to grow spiritually. Read one chapter a day and the truths herein shall be medicine to all aspects of your life. That, is the promise of this book.

The work in this volume, and the devotional books after this one, attempt to bring you Biblical truths, in bits, so you can take in, little by little, but steadily.

My hope is that this publication brings you to a richer fellowship with your Heavenly Father and that you will apply the timeless principles presented herein.

To study this text is to embark on a life-changing journey. Let it ground you in the faith.

Aim to acquire more than knowledge! Ultimately, the content must assist you to come into a deeper walk with the Lord. Use the revelation as a guide to a more in-depth inquiry into the facts presented.

Start where the book ends. Pray beyond the prayer arrayed at the end of each section. Explore the Scriptures besides those set herein. That is the purpose of this devotional.

I could not present this publication to you without the help of God, His Son, and His Spirit. May the same God quicken your spirit as you learn from each page, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Very fast and always kept in touch. I recomend him
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Brizeida Rosas made working with her so easy. Prompt in communication and I like how she explained the principles of the Spanish language where I need clarity on word choice. She really knows her work. I look forward to working with her on my subsequent works.

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