Barbecue Cookbook: Delicious Barbecue Recipes, Sauces, Bastes And Marinades by Raymond Allan

Delicious Barbecue Recipes!!

Barbecue cookbook: delicious barbecue recipes, sauces, bastes and marinades

Barbecue is a pillar of American cookery, steeped in rich tradition and regional variety. And when it comes to celebrating America’s best barbecue, not just any ordinary cookbook will do.

So put some barbecue on the menu, you have all the summer which invites you and your family to the table. Open the door, turn on the grill, and treat yourself by turning some of our fantastic barbecue recipes into the reality.

Easy and simple this cookbook is for everyone. It doesn’t miss some delicious alternatives for vegetarians and doesn’t let us forget kids as well. With this recipes success is guaranteed!

Impress your guests with these easy to make & delicious recipes!

Some of the awesome recipes which you'll find are:


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Duke BBQ Steak Marinade

I bet that you'll love it.

What you need:


  1. Assemble all the ingredients at one place.
  2. In a small, nonporous bowl, add the soy sauce, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, mustard, red wine vinegar salad dressing, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Smell the aroma and serve.

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