APRIL SHOWERS by Dee Dawning

Sometimes the things we do have CONSQUENCES

April showers

Young, beautiful and vivacious Helen Ryan is shopping for groceries, when a sordid episode from her past slams into her. Seven years previous, as college juniors, she and three friends took their spring break in Las Vegas, working two weeks as high paid escorts. Her working name had been April Showers. Now, some unknown person is calling her April. Helen's plush life is about to change drastically. Somehow Mrs. Helen Ryan knows her life from here on will never be the same.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: bdsm, bisexual, pansexual, call girl, cunnilingus, domination&submission, erotica, escorts, hustlers, prostitution, exhibitionism, fellatio, cock sucking, female / female, girl love, interracial, lgbtq, male dominant & female submissive, menage a trois, multiple partners, oral sex, public sex, sex with strangers, sex worker, themed sex

Word Count: 16410

Sales info:

April Showers, is the first book of the four book Consequences series. Originally published in 2009, April Showers has always sold good, though lately with so many newer books to promote it has dropped in the ranking. Nevertheless April Showers is a winner especially in an untapped market. Check out the reviews

Sample text:


I gasped. My stomach lurched. It’s a question. I dared not turn and look. Instead, I pushed my cart faster.

"April, wait up."

Quickly, I turned a corner.

"April? It is April, isn’t it?"

I couldn’t seem to get away from that deep masculine voice that hounded me.

"I never forget a face." He chuckled. "Or a body for that matter."

Almost turning to see who taunted me, I caught myself. Instead, I jogged with the cart full of groceries toward the restrooms.

Leaving the cart outside, I ran into the ladies room. In an all out panic, my breathing grew so heavy I dizzied from hyperventilation. Peering into my handbag on the counter I retrieved my cell phone. I fumbled it, but, thank goodness, it fell back in the purse. Recovering it, I hit #4 on the speed dial, grabbed my purse, retreated to a stall and waited.


I closed my eyes. "Cindy, thank God…you’re there. I’m so scared."

"Calm down Helen. Where are you? What’s the matter?"

"I’m at AJ’s picking up some things. Cindy… someone called me April."

After a few seconds I asked, "Did you hear me? Somebody called me April."

"I heard you. Let me think…what did he look like?"

I started to whine. "I don’t know, if I would’ve turned around he would have known I was April." Suddenly, I was enraged. I snarled into the phone, "You! You said this would never happen—could never happen. It was your fucking idea and now…" I started whining all over. "Cin, what am I going to do?"

"Okay, calm down. It’s just a bad break. Most likely, it’s some winter visitor. Probably the same as seven years ago in Vegas."

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