Ancient Illumination by Elaina J. Davidson

An ancient light illuminates the path.

Ancient illumination

Fire spews and ice follows. The world Drakonis is near death and all life has fled. Except for Brennan, the thief who hears mysterious directions to Castle Drakon on the wind, and brothers Bastian and Cole, who choose to follow her. Then there’s Halley, an exotic dancer from the burning cities, and Audri, who refuses to speak.

These five are the last and it is their task to ensure at least memory remains, or Drakonis will be eternally forgotten. To ensure this, they must find Castle Drakon.

In a grotto under the ice they discover three others alive and before the warmth of a fire hear of a mighty legend. Unravelling its mysteries could lead to a way off a dying world. An ancient light will illuminate their path.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: dystopian, fantasy, legends, volcanoes, ice, escape

Word Count: 20 000

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Sample text:

There are only five of us now. We are the last of our kind.

This is the final narrative from Drakonis. If this account is lost, if we are lost, Drakonis will cease to exist even in memory.

We have one last opportunity to ensure at least memory survives, and it depends wholly upon an ancient legend. Our escape, (or the passing on of memory), lies in the belief that a tale from the past is a tangible concept, that legend was once based upon reality in some form.

We seek Castle Drakon.

It is our only hope. It is our ultimate act.

If we fail, if we find nothing, we beg of you, please remember us.

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Already translated. Translated by ilyasse KOURRICHE
Author review:
Great to work with!
Already translated. Translated by Janardhan Marappa
Already translated. Translated by Lenny Blandino
Author review:
Lenny is excellent to work with and keeps to deadlines (even beats them!) and we communicated well throughout this process. Furthermore, he is very willing and prepared to help with the marketing side and is open to suggestions. I will happily work with him again.
Already translated. Translated by Bruno Marques
Author review:
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bruno. He is professional and meets his deadlines without an issue, and his work is high quality and well formatted.
Already translated. Translated by Carla Leguizamón Théodule
Author review:
We live on opposite sides of the world, but the love of words connects us, as does passion for what we do. Carla is easy to work with and is a serious and dedicated translator. She is also passionate about her work and pays attention to detail. I am happy to have connected with Carla and would like to thank her for her all she puts into her work. We have together created magic, I believe. Without a doubt, I will happily work with Carla again.

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