An X Rated Video by Little Dickins

Tammy's mother and Johnny's father, leave her and Johnny home while they attend a class reunion.

An x rated video

Tammy's mother and Johnny's father, leave her and Johnny home while they attend a class reunion. After a day of freewheelin' experimentation, Tammy discovers a cache of X rated films in her mother's nightstand and that’s when the fireworks really begin.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: Oral sex, first time, erotica, sexy, hot, intercourse

Word Count: 6000

Sales info:

Book 2 of good selling 6 book series

Sample text:

After a morning of sexy frolicking with Johnny, it was apparent we fell asleep since I woke up in his bed naked with his hand between my breasts. A glance confirmed he was as naked as I, and sleeping.

I recalled my magical birthday morning we'd shared, where we started by playing Doctor—studying each other's private areas, but once he touched me, we got carried away.

I'd only planned to have a masturbation party where he watched me pet my kitty while I watched him stroke his 'one-eyed-johnny'. It sounded like a good idea, but we never did it. We just jumped right past masturbation on the sexual evolution scale and did everything short of intercourse.


Recalling how good it felt when he spread my legs, splayed my labia and dunked his long tongue into my slick recess was getting me worked up, big time. So I sat up in bed with my legs crossed and fingered my pussy with one hand and flicked my nipple with the other. I was just about to come when I stopped because Johnny stirred. He groaned and rolled on his back, leaving his cock totally exposed. I licked my lips. His long delicious cock was exposed and aiming for his chin.

Could he be dreaming about what we did this morning?

Deciding he probably was and that a little stimulation would only add to his pleasure, I squeezed his thick, silky shaft.

Squirming slightly, he moaned.

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Already translated. Translated by Elena D'Ambrosio
Already translated. Translated by Pedro de Albuquerque Bandarra
Already translated. Translated by Rafael Zarraga

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