All Is Silence: Deserted Lands Book I by Robert L Slater

Lizzie, a suicidal teen, lacks reasons to live in a land deserted by disease. A deadly event reveals a phone number. Her call pulls her dangerously cross-country to meet a stranger she thought was dead.

All is silence: deserted lands book i

What if death forgot you? 

In a future that could be ours, Lizzie, a suicidal teen-age girl, barely navigates her own life. Then everything falls apart. In an apocalyptic land nearly deserted by disease, she lacks reasons to live until a shocking turn of events reveals a phone number. Her call pulls her dangerously cross-country to meet a stranger she thought was dead. 

In a world where there is plenty of food, plenty of gas, plenty of space… fear, anger and a lust for power still control the patterns of human life. 

This is a coming of age, edgy young adult novel is the debut of a former alternative high school teacher. 

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English


Word Count: 93,000

Sales info:

All Is Silence has been selling steadily in ebook and print since its release two years ago. It has received a number of awards: Dante Rossettie YA, Cygnus Science Fiction, Wattys2015 Dream Collection and IndieReader Next #1. It has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, with 70% of the reviewers giving it 5 stars. On GoodReads it has149 ratings with a 3.93 avg and 67 text reviews.

Sample text:


Those weren’t the last words Lizzie had told her family, but they might as well have been. She couldn’t remember what she said when Mama took Jayce and Jerkwad to the hospital, but it didn’t matter anyway. They were gone. All she remembered were the screaming fights and hateful words.

Lizzie stared out through the gap in the crusty living room blinds. The streets were empty. At first patrol cars had come by several times a day blaring, “STAY INDOORS. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT.”

Now all was silent. Lizzie couldn’t remember when she had last seen a patrol car.

The clock showed mid-afternoon, but the gray excuse for a day in the Pacific Northwest was fading. Lizzie hauled herself out of the recliner and trudged to Mama’s bedroom. She snuggled under the covers wondering what she should eat for dinner. Mama had filled the freezer with pizzas before she left, but the same menu for a week was getting old.

Holes in the sheetrock beside the nightstand and the wires hanging out reminded her of the dead land-line. The day they went to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mama called to say Jayce was in room 314. The next day the phone didn’t work. At some point, fixing it became tearing it out of the wall in frustration. Cell systems had been overloaded since state officials declared the pandemic four weeks before. With the phones down and spotty Internet, Lizzie was alone and disconnected. She wanted to go outside. Screw the quarantine.

AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” jerked Lizzie back to her surroundings. When had her cell phone started working? She threw off the covers and followed the sound to the couch in the living room. A picture of Mama that Lizzie loved and Mama hated glowed on the screen.

“Mama?” Lizzie cradled the phone to her ear.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Kimberley Philippon
Author review:
Working with KImberley was an excellent experience for my first translation. She was very responsive and tried hard to clarify what my intentions were as the author. Would definitely work with her again.
Already translated. Translated by Valeria Poropat
Author review:
Good translation. Good communication. Fixed translation errors after publication.
Translation in progress. Translated by Barbara Brayner

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