Alice in Eroticland - A Twisted Fairytale by Dee Dawning

Turning Twenty-One and all grown up, Alice is ready to P-A-R-T-Y and Eroticland obliges with an EROTIC PARTY!

Alice in eroticland - a twisted fairytale

Ten years after her initial visit to Wonderland, Alice returns on her Twenty-first birthday. Only it's no longer Wonderland or Crazyland as she originally thought of Wonderland. Now, it was Eroticland and the prurient Ruby, the Queen of Diamonds is now in charge. Follow Alice as she winds her way through the sensual experience of a lifetime.

Warning: There are extreme sexual situations in this book.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English

Keywords: double penetration, explicit sex, fairy tale, fantasy, lesbian, oral sex, public sex, sex, sex with strangers, short story, whimsical, zany, multiple partners, nudity, paranormal, shifters, sex with shifters

Word Count: 11440

Sales info:

Steady sales especially when promoted. Should do well in a new market.

Sample text:

Remembering the crevice in the trunk was on the far side of the massive tree, Alice crept around its twelve-foot diameter. When she reached the far side she pulled up with a start. What'd been a cave-like opening in the trunk, was now a full height entry door, headed by a neon lit marquee, proclaiming EROTICLAND

Staring, Alice followed the rolling message below the heading, 

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-N-G A-L-I-C-E-S B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.

She rubbed her eyes. This was unbelievable. Then again, wasn't everything down below unbelievable? She stepped up to the door and when she pulled the door open she noticed a poster on an easel. Her eyes widened and her hand shot to her mouth… The poster was…of her!

The quite recent headshot displayed her long blonde hair rolled into a French twist and topped off with a tiara. Her cornflower blue eyes stared off to the left and from her earlobes  dangled a pair of gorgeous ruby and diamond earrings. Around her neck hung the dazzling, matching necklace and though it was only a headshot, Alice had the impression she was otherwise naked.

Below her image was a message. Help Celebrate Alice's Very Special Day with her EROTICLAND style–Admission Free.

She stepped into the foyer and studied the room. It no longer resembled a cave under a huge oak tree. Rather it resembled the lobby, albeit on a small scale, of a fancy theatre with a crystal chandelier and wall sconces. The black and white checkerboard pattern flooring from the large room below had been replicated in the three by four meter lobby. On the far side of the room the ceiling sloped down over the stairway to the large room below.

White Rabbit was no where to be seen. She wasn't even sure he came in there. Then suddenly a voice came to her.

"Alice. Are you coming?"

When she rushed forward to the stairway she found another surprise.

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Already translated. Translated by valentina Noname
Already translated. Translated by Karla Marques V.
Already translated. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Viviana Rafaella Gaetani Chinchilla

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