Alexa User Guide 2019 by Paul Garten

A – Z Amazon Alexa Reference Guide for Beginners & Advanced Users.

Learn how to use Alexa within your smartphone and in all Amazon Echo Devices.

Alexa user guide 2019

As the title suggests, this book is designed to be a reference guide for everything you need from Amazon Alexa and Echo smart devices. Find out how to set up your smart home devices with Alexa. Master your Echo Devices and Alexa within an hour. Enhance your smart life with this guide.

From Alexa Communication, Skills, Entertainment, Productivity, Sport, Voice Shopping, News and Information, Settings and Customization within the Alexa app, this book covers all. You can quickly preview the book to see its table of contents. This guide is periodically updated to reflect current changes about the Amazon Alexa.

Genre: COMPUTERS / Computerized Home & Entertainment

Secondary Genre: COMPUTERS / Hardware / Peripherals

Language: English

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Alexa, developed by Amazon is an intelligent personal assistant that expresses herself through Amazon smart devices such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Input, Amazon Tap, Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Fire TV & Tablet, etc. Alexa has a female voice, stays in the cloud and it is constantly updated to serve her teaming Bosses within and outside the US. Lately, Amazon Alexa developers and users can develop specialized apps called skills to integrate with Alexa to expand her ability to do more. Manufacturers of other smart devices are more than happy because Amazon Alexa can also control their devices. Alexa’s integration with third-party smart devices has created even more opportunities for manufacturers of these devices. Such integration is made possible with skills—Alexa’s third-party applications to expand her capabilities and integrations.


Maybe you don’t have kids, a house or someone to keep you company, Alexa can do shopping for you, helps you in the kitchen, tells you some interesting facts, make a to-do list, set your alarms, timer and reminders. Alexa can also do a web search for you, play your audiobooks, provide weather and traffic information in your locality, play music, stream podcast and videos, update you with real-time information, e.g., news, etc. Oh! It can help your kids with simple arithmetic and mental development games. Alexa can call or send messages to family and friends using the Amazon Alexa application or an Echo device. She can turn on the light, check your locks or help adjust your thermostat just at your command. Alexa’s capabilities are endless.


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