a Wolf Affair: Book One by Eileen Sheehan

Missy's world will never be the same when she moves to Wolf Mountain.

A wolf affair: book one


When Missy's mother moves her and her brother to their ancestral home in the mountains of New York, she discovers that the hills are filled with werewolves. Not just in the hills, but they're in her family as well. Targeted to become a mate to a sexy, but overly possessive werewolf neighbor in this very surreal world that's run by them, she seeks the help of her non-werewolf lover, Kenton. Can he keep her safe? What will she do when she discovers that he's not a werewolf, but he's also not A human? Filled with action, mystery, and mythical creatures, a Wolf Affair is sure to keep you turning pages.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: werewolf, vampire, fairy, fantasy, romance, paranormal, new adult, supernatural, trilogy, chic lit, thriller, suspense, alternate realities

Word Count: 58,570

Sales info:

I am doing all I can to get my books out to the readers.  I have an author website: www.sheehan-author.info (New Adult paranormal/romance/thrillers) and www.ailenefrances.info (historical romance).  I have book trailer for most of my novels posted on youtube.com; goodreads.com.; smashwords.com; my author websites; and my facebook book fan page.  It is my intention to offer audio books for a good deal of my novels.  I have only been published a few years, but I write quickly ( 10 novels in the last 11 months)  so my inventory of published works is growing.  I send ARC to reviewers and have been lucky enough to get 4  & 5 star reviews for the most part.  Books are launched with a book blog tour for their initial release or a cover reveal and an email to opt in followers.  
This novel took off right from the start because I ran a contest in my author fan group for the members to suggest a name for me to use in the book for the vampire.  It has been  selling consistently for the last month.

Sample text:


I was approaching my sixteenth birthday when my father, Walter Cramby, walked out on my mother, Maryanne Cramby, and our lives were forever changed. My brother, Josh, was at the end of his thirteenth year. 

To add to my mother’s woes, she was laid off not  long after that from her job as a fifth grade school teacher in the suburbs of Detroit.  “Cut backs,” they said.

Fortunately, my mother was in possession of a recent, sizable inheritance from her grandmother who managed to survive her husband.  My grandparents were killed in a car accident  when mom was in her teens.  My great grandmother finished raising her.   She was a spry old woman who we thought would never die.  In fact, we wondered if she might outlive us all.  Because of that inheritance, we weren’t destitute while she searched for work.

Unfortunately, it took mom a while to get her act together to even look for employment.  She spent months sitting around feeling sorry for herself with a bottle of Jim Beam as her companion.  I was seventeen before mom pulled her head out of the bottle and things started to look like they might normalize. 


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Did a good job in a timely manner

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