A Nebula in the Milkyway by Lathish Shankar

A Science Fiction story based on Time Travel

A nebula in the milkywayAmelia, a college girl, is receptive to Paranormal events. She once wrote an article for her college magazine where she states that sometimes she hear voices from the future. Stephen, the professor of Physics reads the article and discusses this with his wife Isabella. Isabella says Amelia is her patient, who is suffering from blood phobia. This was the reason why she skips Zoology lab and dissection class. She was admitted in her hospital after she fainted in the cafeteria, while having ice-cream with her friends Rosemary, Merlin, Prince, and Neil. Stephen painfully realizes he knew Amelia, years ago, and he was the sole reason and cause for her mental illness.Feeling terribly guilty of his past, he approaches his friend Zachariah John, a scientist. Zachariah lives with his only daughter Zarina. Zachariah helps Stephen to travel back in time and correct his mistake he committed unknowingly. Stephen goes to the past in the time-machine, changes his past, and then returns to the future. Was he able to solve everything? How has the future changed once he altered his timeline? Did he ever wish the future to happen that way? Read to know more of this amazing time-travel scientific fiction story.
Genre: SCIENCE / Physics / Relativity

Secondary Genre: SCIENCE / Time

Language: English


Word Count: 8K

Sample text:
Amelia screamed with fear. She woke up and sat on the bed. Rosemary and Merlin woke up. Amelia’s heart raced, and she couldn't breath. She pointed her hands toward a nebulous shape in the darkness. Rosemary and Merlin feared something bad might have happened to her. The wall-clock showed the time half past one. Merlin descended the stairs, rushed to the house mother's room, and phoned Amelia’s mother. She informed her about the incident. Unbeknownst to them, there were two twinkling stars in the direction that Amelia pointed―one was very bright and the other one was dim.

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Already translated. Translated by Marlies Perman
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Very prompt work!
Already translated. Translated by kajenthi chelliah
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Dedicated and prompt work! I was so happy to work with this translator!
Already translated. Translated by Silvia de Cataldo
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Awesome! Translator has done their work very excellently!
Already translated. Translated by renan sergio ferreira de almeida
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It was a good experience working with this translator. I am extremely pleased with their work. Highly responsible, and accurate translation. 5 stars from the bottom of my heart!
Already translated. Translated by Talía García

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